The ICMS Bachelor of Event Management is your backstage pass to a professional business career in event management. From business events including meetings, exhibitions and conferences to social events including weddings, festivals and fashion parades – a professional event manager can make any event look seamless.

By studying one of Australia’s leading event management degree at ICMS, you will learn the strategic management, practical and personal skills that will make you an outstanding event professional. Our close connections with industry and our reputation as event management experts will give you the start you need to excel in your career.

At ICMS we believe in a curriculum that blends a thorough understanding of the theoretical principles of management with innovations in hands-on, practical education. You will manage real events with real clients. From conceptualising and pitching the event, to promotion and production, management and evaluation, you will experience every aspect of event management. The project management skills you gain are easily transferrable to other sectors of business including marketing, business development and public relations,giving you a truely versatile degree.

Course CRICOS Code: 068282A

An Event Management degree designed by the best, for the best

At ICMS we are connected with industry.

We work with event industry professionals including experts from the fields of event planning, project management and event sponsorship, to maintain our high standards of excellence in curriculum design. We will always review and refine our Bachelor of Event Management degree to ensure our students have the best specialist knowledge in event management to work anywhere in the world.

1,200 hours of real industry experience

When you graduate from ICMS you’ll have more than just a degree. Built into your qualification is 1,200 hours (9 months) of industry experience. Our industry training consultants will help place you in an organisation relevant to your studies so that after your degree you’ll have an impressive CV, a network of contacts and a significant advantage over other graduates. 

You’ll think outside the box and outside the classroom

Theory is important, it will teach you the fundamentals you need to be an event management leader. However, nothing is as valuable as putting theory into practice. In addition to your industry training, you’ll gain hands-on experience working on real events. Field trips and site visits with our industry partners will see you learning from the best in the business.

You are an industry leader in training

You won’t just learn to coordinate events, we train you to be an event management leader. Combining specialist event subjects with business, we train you in the critical thinking and analytical skills you’ll need to prepare for a management role after you graduate.

We’re the global industry experts

At ICMS we have lecturers with international careers who are experts in the events industry. Guest lectures from our network of industry partners will keep your learning fresh and relevant and up to date with the latest demands from industry and your future employers. When you take a study tour with us we will introduce you to key staff at international event venues like the Plaza and the Waldorf in New York. It is all part of preparing you for an international career in event management.

Your Future

Our Bachelor of Event Management graduates are trained to be professional leaders. As your career develops, combining your knowledge and experience with a personal interest such as sport, business, arts or culture could lead to a wide range of new and fascinating career directions. Many of our graduates are working across the globe in exotic locations like Europe, USA, South America, Asia and Pacific Islands.

You could be working as:

Event Manager Event Producer Event Director
Exhibition Manager Conference Manager Sponsorship Manager
Theming Consultant Banquet/Event Manager Incentive Manager
Venue Manager Festival Manager Wedding Organiser

Next Generation Event Management

Our degrees focus on the next generation of education that gets you job-ready by embedding industry training and practical experience into each degree.

Backstage Pass

Site visits to a range of venues will get you thinking like an event manager as you conduct site audits and consider the challenges and potential of each site. Venues range from the enormous, such as Stadium Australia, to smaller venues like hotels and restaurants. You’ll speak with industry management experts about their business operations and management, and see behind the scenes of banqueting and conference rooms with ‘back of house’ tours. 

Learn on Location

You’ll examine the décor, layout, signage, staffing and service at event venues with field trips and lectures on location. Inspecting and analysing the business functions at event venues and completing industry-based projects will reinforce everything that you have learnt in the classroom.

Real Clients - Real Experience

Working with clients, you will stage an event from concept to completion. Applying all that you have learnt in the classroom to a real-world experience with real clients will train you for the demands of industry. Through our solid volunteer program with high profile events, you can also build experience and industry exposure across a range of industry sectors: arts, fashion, sports, corporate and community. 

From Manly to Manhattan

Our study tours are part of what makes ICMS a global college with an international perspective. An overseas study trip like our New York Study Tour will give you unique access to some of the world’s most impressive locations. You will go behind the scenes of world famous event spaces like Madison Square Gardens, Radio City Music Hall, Javitas Center and Gotham City Hall. With guest lectures and inside information from key event staff you will see behind the operations, staging and logistics or prestigious hotels like the Plaza and the Waldorf. You’ll have the opportunity to be part of New York Fashion Week, getting first-hand knowledge of their staging, logistics and operations.

Our Industry Connections Are Your Industry Connections... 

We have an impressive network of event industry partners. These leading companies provide our ICMS community with invaluable industry insight and experience. When it is time to embark on your industry training, we work closely with them to find a suitable placement that is the best fit for your skills, interests and professional goals. Your industry training could take you to a major city, regional area or island resort in Australia. You could even take up a position in an international city. It is all part of finding the best placement for you. Not only is this an invaluable experience, it is also a chance to grow your professional network. For many of our graduates this experience introduces them to their future employers.

Subjects Snapshot

Production and Design

Event managers often have a flair for the creative. Production and Design is where you will harness that creativity to win over a real client and to develop the design and production elements of your event. Starting with promotion you will experiment with scriptwriting, voiceover, copyediting, and the print materials needed to create a sought after event. You’ll sharpen your technical skills and learn production aspects like audio visual, lighting, sound and staging, room layouts and special effects. A field trip to a staging company will offer you an interactive experience in event staging.

Operations and Logistics

Site visits, event plans and a thorough working knowledge of event operations and logistics will keep you focused on running a smooth and stress free event. We will take you on a back of-house tour of an event venue to conduct your own site audit as you consider the logistics of a typical event. You will learn how to manage event operations taking into consideration project, labour, risk, financial, site and transport management issues that are all part of an event manager’s job. By developing your own logistics manual for a simulated event and using industry software you will gain the Centium Events Pro training certification you'll need to manage the logistics of any event.

Event Practicum

In your event practicum you have the opportunity to apply all your theoretical knowledge and practical skills to a real event with a real client. You’ll work with your classmates to manage an event from conception through to execution and evaluation. You will work on high profile events like the Bear Cottage Christmas Party, or ICMS Celebrity Chef Dinner. You’ll learn the practicalities of running an event like site and risk management issues and stakeholder management issues as well as budget management, time management and project management.

ICMS Alumni - Briony Baglin - Event Management

My ICMS event degree gave me credibility in the industry. It is a must-have in order to get a job at Cievents, so I can honestly say that without it I would not be where I am today.

Briony Baglin
Bachelor of Event Management

ICMS offers so many things that many other universities and colleges don’t.

Kiana Harvey
Bachelor of Event Management
Fernando Motti - 2007 ICMS Event Management Graduate

"ICMS has one of the best event management courses in Australia, if not the best. I learned from the best professionals in the industry and had constant contact with industry professionals to build my networks."

Fernando Motti
2007 Event Management Graduate

Typical Study Pattern


  • Managing People and Organisations
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Venue and Hospitality Operations
  • Introduction to Event Management
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Service Management and Innovation
  • Introduction to Human Resources
  • Event Operations and Logistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Economics
  • Event Production and Design
  • Exhibition Services


  • Industry Training I
  • Industry Training II
  • Career Planning and Strategy
  • Elective Level 200
  • Event Practicum
  • Legal Issues for Event Management
  • Applied Leadership


  • Research Methods
  • Promotions and Sponsorship
  • e-Commerce and Social Media
  • Elective Level 200
  • Strategic Management
  • Elective Level 300
  • International Events
  • Conventions and Meetings Management
  • Elective Level 300
  • Research Project