Channel your adventurous spirit, business acumen and lust for travel into a rewarding career. As an international tourism professional you will be responsible for the management, promotion and marketing of destinations around the world.

In the Bachelor of International Tourism you will focus on a range of tourism considerations from accommodation and food and beverage to government policy, facilities management, and sustainability. With specialist subjects in areas such as Global Wine Tourism and e-Commerce and Social Media you can shape your degree around your professional interests.

The professional expertise of our teaching staff will ensure that you develop the in-depth industry knowledge and practical experience to be an industry leader in international tourism.

Quick facts

CRICOS Course Code: 068278G
UAC Course Code: 530060
Accreditation Status: Active
AQF Level:  7
Campus: Northern Beaches Campus, Manly*
Duration: 3 years (or part-time equivalent)
Industry Training: up to 9 months
Study Mode: on campus
Start: Feb, May & Sept
Annual Indicative Student Enrolments: 59 Enrolments in 2018
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*News: ICMS has recently opened a new City Campus in the heart of Sydney's business district. As well as the campus in Manly, students enrolling in this course for February 2020 will now have an option to attend specified business subjects in the city, subject to availability.

An international tourism degree designed by the best, for the best

At ICMS we are connected with industry. We work with tourism industry professionals including those from the fields of destination management, tourist attractions and resort management, tourism governance and environmental planning, to maintain our high standards of excellence in curriculum design. We are a three time winner of the NSW Tourism Award for Excellence in Tourism Education. Our Bachelor of International Tourism degree continues to be relevant to industry as we review and refine it to ensure our students have the best specialist knowledge of international tourism management to work anywhere in the world.

Up to 9 months real industry experience

When you graduate from ICMS you’ll have more than just a degree. Built into your qualification is up to 9 months of industry experience. In the study period prior to your work integrated learning (WIL) subject, we work closely with you to secure a suitable placement that is the best fit for your skills, interests and professional goals. Your placement could take you anywhere in Australia, or internationally. It is all about securing the most suitable placement for you. That means that by the time you graduate you will have work experience on your CV; a network of contacts in your chosen industry; and the confidence to jump straight into your career. 

You’ll think outside the box and outside the classroom

Theory is important, it will teach you the fundamentals you need to be an international tourism leader. However, nothing is as valuable as putting your theory into practice. In addition to your industry training, you’ll gain hands-on experience through practical classes. Field trips and site visits with our industry partners will get you learning from the best in the business.

You are an industry leader in training

This degree is far more than a tourism training program. Combining international tourism subjects with business will train you in the critical and analytical skills you’ll need to move into industry leadership when you graduate.

We’re the global industry experts

At ICMS we have lecturers with global careers who are experts in international tourism. Guest lectures from our network of industry partners including local tourism business operators will keep your learning fresh, relevant, and up to date with the latest demands from industry and your future employers. It is all part of preparing you for an international career in international tourism management.


A career in international tourism can be as exotic and colourful as its destinations. Understanding what motivates a tourist and meeting their needs can be both emotionally and financially rewarding. When you graduate with an ICMS Bachelor of International Tourism, your award-winning education and blend of industry experience and management training will turn your passion for travel into a successful career. Many of our graduates are working across the globe in locations like Europe, USA, South America and Asia. Our ICMS Bachelor of International Tourism graduates work in leading hotels and resorts, government organisations, and travel companies in Australia.

Here are some of the positions you could end up working in:

Destination Sales and Marketing Manager Guest Relations Manager Resort Manager Airline Operations Manager
Travel and Tourism Consultant Tour Wholesaling and Operations Tourism Bureau Manager Regional Destination Manager
Destination Development Manager      


From managing an island resort to helping clients to complete their travel dreams, ICMS will provide you with a superior education in international tourism theory and practice that will prepare you for a leadership role. Our ICMS International Tourism degree focuses on the next generation of education that gets you job-ready by embedding industry training and practical experience into your degree. To be an exceptional tourism professional you need to have sound knowledge of the industry in practice. Here are some of the unique ICMS experiences that will get you out of the classroom and into a successful career in international tourism.


Every year millions of tourists come to iconic Sydney landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but few have the chance to go behind the scenes. Your ICMS site visits will take you to some of Australia’s most popular international attractions. You’ll learn about visitor facilitation, speaking directly with industry experts about their business operations and management. You’ll visit NSW Parliament House, a tourist attraction in its own right, and see where tourism policies go through State Government.


When you study Attraction and Resort Operations your guest lecturers will include world-class experts in the tourism industry. Fijian and Thai tourism operators will give you inside information on the business aspects of tourism operations. You’ll learn from international destination marketers from government such as the Tourism Attache from the Philippines Department of Tourism, a recent ICMS guest lecturer.


Manly is the perfect location to study international tourism, after all it is one of the world’s best tourist destinations. You could volunteer at some of Manly Council’s most popular events like the annual Food and Wine Festival or the Jazz Festival. This sort of experience is international tourism in practice. Of course, you'll also get to do your industry training at one of our many tourism partners - we are very connected in the tourism space and you'll get to leverage off those connections. 


At ICMS we are a community. ICMS graduates continue to be part of our community, visiting our students on campus and sharing their experiences of life in industry. This is your opportunity to learn about the careers of our graduates and find out more about how they achieved their success. It is also a great way to find out about paid and volunteer job opportunities available to international tourism students.


Our study tours are part of what makes ICMS a global college with an international perspective. Previously our international study tours have included a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia’s largest tourism destination, to understand the tourism industry within a developing country and its impact on the economy. A study tour to New York has also been scheduled in previous years for our students to gain insight into one of the world’s most visited cities. Closer to home, a visit to the Hunter Valley as part our Global Wine Tourism subject will have you experiencing wine tourism from an operator’s perspective, proposing improvements for the sustainability of wine tourism in the region.


We have an impressive network of tourism industry partners. These leading companies provide our ICMS community with invaluable industry insight and experience. They help shape our qualifications and ensure they are in line with industry best practice. When it is time to embark on your industry training, we work closely with them to find a suitable placement that is the best fit for your skills, interests and professional goals. Your industry training could take you to a major city, regional area or island resort in Australia. You could even take up a position in an international city. It is all part of finding the best placement for you. Not only is this an invaluable experience, it is also a chance to grow your professional network. For many of our graduates this experience introduces them to their future employers.

Subjects Snapshot


When marketing a destination you need to get inside the mind of the tourist and use this insight to make strategic decisions. In Destination Sales and Marketing you will study a range of topics from the psychology of purchase decisions to strategic marketing planning. You will review data from tourism case studies and consider factors such as positioning, branding, traditional and online marketing tools to identify and design your own sales and marketing initiatives.


Whether it is political unrest, rising sea levels or increased development, there are many ways that the natural and built environments can be impacted by change. In Destination Management Issues you will learn how to analyse these variables and consider the future sustainability of destinations and the tourism industry. You will learn about the concepts of crisis management and the appropriate strategies to assist a tourism organisation or destination in crisis. You will write a tourism journal article based on your research of a current issue of your choice.


The physical, cultural and economic aspects of destinations can differ vastly across the globe. Global Trends in Hospitality and Tourism is a comprehensive examination of the similarities and differences between worldwide destinations. This will prepare you for a global career and also help you to understand the current and predicted trends in the international tourism market.

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Course and Subject Details


  • Managing People and Organisations
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Attraction and Resort Operations
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Service Management and Innovation
  • Introduction to Human Resources
  • Destination Sales and Marketing
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Economics
  • Facilities Management
  • Destination Management Issues


  • Industry Training I
  • Industry Training II
  • Career Planning and Strategy
  • Elective Level 200
  • Tourism Governance and Policy
  • Tourism Technology and Service Innovation
  • Applied Leadership


  • Research Methods
  • Elective Level 200
  • Global Trends in Hospitality and Tourism
  • e-Commerce and Social Media
  • Strategic Management
  • Elective Level 300
  • Environmental Planning and Sustainability
  • Global Wine Tourism
  • Elective Level 300
  • Research Project

The course information on this website is indicative of a typical study pattern only and is subject to change. Enrolled students will be made aware of changes to their course structure or subjects.

Lucy McLachlan - ICMS 2012 International Tourism Graduate

"I studied at ICMS because I liked the idea of studying business with a tourism focus since I love to travel! My industry training experience was invaluable and during my final two years at ICMS I continued to work casually with my industry training employer – Swain Tours."

Lucy McLachlan
2012 International Tourism Graduate