Non Award Study

Want to broaden your studies by taking subjects not available at your university or college?

Need to complete a subject at a more convenient time?

Even if you’re currently studying at another university, college or at TAFE, you can study one or more subjects at ICMS and have them count as a part of your degree or diploma (subject to approval by your home institution)

Choosing a Subject

You can study any of our subjects provided that you meet the prerequisites and the subject is offered in the term of your choice.  The ICMS Handbook provides information for current and prospective students. It contains summary information about all courses offered at ICMS.

Once you have decided on the subject you want to study you are ready to apply. Please note that not all subjects are offered in every teaching period.

Non-award subject study without credit

If you are not seeking cross institutional credit (whether or not you are enrolled in a degree or diploma at another institution) and just want to pick up additional subjects you can focus on an area that interests you or would provide valuable additional skills for your future career.

How to Apply

Complete the ICMS Application for Cross-Institutional Study form. The application must be submitted to the ICMS Admissions Office at least two months before the start of your nominated ICMS subject/s. You may be asked to demonstrate that you meet the pre-requisites (if any) for your chosen subject/s to ensure that you are not disadvantaged.

Your application must also include the following:

  • a letter from you home institution confirming that subjects studied at ICMS will be recognised as part of your degree or diploma and
  • a certified copy of your most recent academic transcript
  • a certified copy of your student visa if you are an international student
  • if you are an international student, you are required to hold a student visa and show evidence that you have met the ICMS English language entry requirements.

Application deadlines: The application deadline is 60 days before the start of the ICMS trimester you wish to start studies. See below for our trimester dates.

Fees and Charges

Tuition Fee

Cross institutional and non-award students must pay the tuition fee for each subject taken before the start of each term. Non-payment of tuition fees by the due date will result in cancellation of enrolment. An invoice will be sent to you for each subject in which you are enrolled with the amount, date due and payment instructions.

Domestic students - At this time ICMS does not have access to Commonwealth Supported Places. As a domestic student, regardless of whether or not you are enrolled as a Commonwealth Supported Student at your home institution, you will be charged the full per-subject tuition fee. FEE-HELP may be available in certain circumstances. Please contact ICMS for further advice.

International students - International students are liable for tuition fees for all cross-institutional enrolment. 

For more information, please see our Fees page – Click here.


  • An offer of a cross-institutional place will only be made if sufficient places are available in the subject and if the enrolment does not prevent an ICMS award student taking a place in the subject.
  • In general, cross-institutional students will not be permitted to enrol in more than one (1) subject in any one term.