Professional Attire FAQ

Where can I buy business attire?

Business attire can be purchased at numerous stores, to suit your budget and style. These include department stores (such as Myer, David Jones, Target) and clothing stores (such as Zara, Witchery, Country Road, Marcs).

Do I have to wear matching jacket with my pants/skirt?

No, it doesn’t have to a matching jacket. You can wear a jacket that coordinates with your clothes.

What colour of clothes can I wear?

Your business attire can be any colour.

What type of shoes can I wear?

Appropriate business footwear. No sandals, thongs, joggers or sneakers are to be worn.

Do I have to wear a jacket all the time?

Yes, you must wear a jacket while you are at ICMS.

What type of shirt can I wear?

For women, modest tops. For men, collared shirts. Polo shirts are not acceptable.

Can I wear jewellery and/or accessories?

Yes. Jewellery and accessories should be minimal. Piercings should be discreet

Can I have nail polish?

Yes, Fingernails should be trimmed and polished

Does my hair have to be tied back?

No, it doesn’t. It has be neat and tidy.

Do I have to wear my business attire all the time?

Yes you must wear business attire while you are on ICMS premises