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Who is the Residential Experience Team?
The Residential Experience Team is responsible for the overall welfare of over 230 on-campus students. The team includes:
The team is dedicated to provide leadership and support on various day-to-day matters, including student comfort, safety and security, and health and wellness. More importantly, the Residential Experience Team is committed to ensuring that residents feel right at home at ICMS. Each term, the team organizes a diverse range of events and activities to promote community building.
In line with this, Residential Experience came up with the Residential Leadership Program, a program that aids in preparing all team members in undertaking the responsibilities of being a resident leader.
What’s the difference between a Resident Leader and a Resident Advocate?
The primary function of a Resident Leader (RL) is to live on campus and provide an enjoyable and safe environment to all residents, while acting as student leaders and role models. RLs are accountable for the day-to-day management of residential floors and ensuring the security of the ICMS building and its contents. Additionally, RLs are expected to be available during peak periods, campus events and activities (including out of business hours and on weekends).
On the other hand, the role of a Resident Advocate is dedicated in the development of the “Mind, Body and Soul” program – an initiative to improve the overall wellbeing of underage students. Moreover, RAs are expected to provide assistance and support to the RLs in conducting campus activities, as well as cover on-call shifts when required. This voluntary position is meant to provide experience and knowledge in preparation for taking on the RL role.
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How do I become one?

If you are interested in the program, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Student Experience Manager, James Walker at

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