Student Support Services

Student Wellness
ICMS remains committed to the academic success and emotional well being of its students. The College has an extensive range of professional support networks in place.  These professionals cater for our College's diverse range of cultures and ages.  Your privacy is paramount in this particular area and if you feel as though you would like to seek further assistance please feel free to contact our Student Wellness Coordinator on (02) 9466 1024 or take a look at our health services and support page located on our website.

Student Success Centre
The ICMS Student Success Centre (SSC) is located in Kelly House and provides support services to help you excel in your studies.

  • Academic and Study skills support
  • English Language support
  • Numeracy support
  • Wellness support
  • Special Academic Needs support
  • Studiosity: after hours Online Academic support
  • Supportive team
  • Warm and friendly atmosphere

To find more information about academic support services and resources, go to the Student Success Centre on the Student Hub or the SSC's Moodle pageYou can also contact the SSC on

Academic Integrity
Academic integrity, put simply, means being honest in your academic life. ICMS is committed to and promotes integrity across all departments and as students, you need to be fully aware of academic acknowledgement and attribution.



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