Associate Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management

Articulation into the Bachelor of Business Management
Requirements for Credit Successful completion of the Associate Degree
MGT101 Managing People & Organisations 3
ACC100 Accounting Fundamentals 3
HRM100 Introduction to Human Resources 3
ECO100 Business Economics 3
MGT200 Service Management and Innovation 3
MKT100 Principles of Marketing 3
ISY100 Introduction to Information Systems (Business Elective -100 level) 3
- General Elective - 100 level 3
- General Elective - 200 level 3
Total Credit granted: 36


Note: The credit recognition arrangements above are only a guide and do not guarantee admission to the ICMS programs. You can submit the credit recognition application form after you have accepted your offer to study at ICMS. This search tool is only a guide and is by no mean exhaustive.

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