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Unique Student Experience

Unique Student Experience

ICMS is not just a college, it is a community enriched with unique student experience. With around 2000 students, our student population is smaller than other higher education institutions. This gives our students a unique learning experience enriched with personalised learning.

Our staff and students are connected in a way that just wouldn’t be possible in a large higher education institution. We want you to succeed. In our Student Success Centre, you will receive academic support from our learning advisors. The student volunteers in our Peer Assisted Learning Service are also there to help you to succeed academically.

Enriched Student Experience

Like any good community, we also care about your emotional wellbeing. If you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed or just need some personal support, we have a Wellness Team who can assist you.

Sometimes the best way to balance a busy study schedule is just to get out and have some fun. With students coming to ICMS from all over Australia and the world, we make sure that there are plenty of parties, events and adventures to include in your social calendar. You can also get involved in student-led clubs and societies and sporting teams. Our dedicated Student Experience team works with the Student Representative Council to organise activities in Manly, Sydney CBD, and beyond.