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Academic Mentors

As a part of the ICMS Professional Mentor approach, ICMS Academic Mentors will be there to guide you throughout your journey, preparing you to achieve your study goals.

ICMS Academic Mentors are members of the academic faculty. They are Lecturers, Program Managers and experienced and trusted Advisors to students. They will guide and mentor our students in both an informal and formal way – so that students can work towards achieving personal success in their professional lives.

Lecturer Support

If a student needs individual help with their subject, the first person they should reach out to is always their individual lecturer. Lecturers are the experts in their subject areas.

Students can book time with the lecturer to ask for help. They can be reached via email and the contact is provided on the moodle subject page.

Lecturers are committed to provide individual academic consultations by email or Zoom at the mutually agreed time. Face-to-face consultations on campus are also possible by appointment.

Students can directly message their lecturer via email and via the Moodle communication tool (our learning management system.)

Moodle Q & A Forum

Academic Consulting Office

Academic Writing and Referencing

Numeracy (maths) Support

Studiosity Online Support

Peer Assisted Learning

Curriculum / Elective Advice

Academic WIL Supervisors