Home Stay

Homestays are a great way to experience Aussie life whilst studying in the country. It can also provide for a great opportunity for international students wanting to learn and practice their English skills as well as offering an insight into our culture and way of life. The experience can be very rewarding and many life-long friendships are made.

The College recommends students use either Australian Homestay Network (AHN) or Study Vision or Aussie Families when searching for a homestay. They are approved homestay providers.

These companies are trusted under 18 homestay providers for some of Australia’s largest universities and colleges. Homestay offers a safe and supportive environment where you are able to practice your English, enjoy home cooked meals and make lasting friendships with your host family. These providers are well-known and reputable, they are committed to ensuring that each experience is enriching, safe and memorable for both hosts and guests. They will match each student with a host family living close to ICMS, the host will offer a private bedroom, a previously agreed upon meal plan and will help the student in learning the local transportation systems and local customs.

Lixian’s homestay experience

Homestay experiences make lasting impressions on both host families and students.
Study Vision recently received this message from a homestay host, Silvia of Marouba, NSW. Silvia sent us a photo of herself and her student guest, Lixian, who comes from China. Silvia explained that she had taught Lixian how to ride a bicycle and they went out riding together like a family.
The world never stays still. Just a generation ago, China was known as the land of bicycles, before it became a network of futuristic superhighways and highspeed trains.
Lixian has since moved to Melbourne to continue his higher education. Yet he stays in touch with Silvia and says he will never forget his homestay family.
Students and hosts become lifelong friends. What better way to welcome international students to our country!