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California State University, Fresno Visit ICMS

California State University, Fresno Visit ICMS

June 23, 2017

American business students are currently experiencing first hand the world class educational offering of International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) while enjoying a proper Australian experience.

The group from the Craig School of Business, part of the California State University, Fresno, will return home to the States on 30 June after a two week stint at the ICMS Manly campus as part of the Summer Study Abroad Program.

This program provides an opportunity for students to complete part of their studies in a foreign location, gaining valuable international experience while simultaneously working towards their degree.

Students commence either Strategic Management or Production/Operation Management subject at CSU, Fresno, and then travel to ICMS in Australia to complete the last two weeks of the program. They have guest lectures from ICMS faculty, attend a corporate site visit to a local business, network with ICMS students and experience the social side of living in Manly for two weeks. On 30 June they will attend a formal farewell dinner with a certificate ceremony at ICMS before flying back to California.

The Summer Study Abroad program enhances the students’ international and intercultural education. The fortnight at ICMS will allow students to contrast their current image of the world and gain first hand knowledge about business strategies followed by other countries on the international scene.

Details on ICMS Study Abroad programs can be found here:


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