ICMS Graduates describe their college experience as “the best years of their life”

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) graduates gave their alma mater an enthusiastic endorsement in a survey taken after last week’s graduation ceremony, with 95% saying they would recommend studying at ICMS to a friend. 

Sixty five graduates took part in the survey, 36 of whom were domestic students and 29 were international students.

Findings included the following: 95% would recommend ICMS to a friend; 91% made lifelong international connections while studying at ICMS; 95% said that ICMS has an amazing campus location; 98% said that ICMS is a fun place to study; and 87% said that their years studying at ICMS had been among the best years of their life.

When the graduates were asked to sum up their experience at ICMS in one word, it became clear that the student experience at ICMS is a great mix of social and academic; a college geared towards preparing students for successful careers in their chosen fields, all in an amazing location.

 “Focused”, “Professional”, “Networking”, and “Global” were just a few of the “one words” students gave to describe their time at ICMS, as well as adjectives such as “Fabulous”, “Amazing”, “Social” and “Fun”.

A nod was given to ICMS’s spectacular location and campus in Manly, NSW, with some students summing up their time at the higher education institute with a tribute to the “Castle” in which the college is housed, with others simply saying “Beauty”, “Exceptional” and “Incredible”.

For more information on what the ICMS graduates experienced, visit the college’s website here: https://www.icms.edu.au/

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