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ICMS Green Team Drive Environmental Awareness Campaign

ICMS Green Team Drive Environmental Awareness Campaign

October 26, 2017

Raising awareness around the need to keep the environment clean is the focus of the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Green Team.

The 25 member strong club, which started in 2010, has been re-energised this year with a drive to educate ICMS students and the broader community about the 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse.

“It is important that we, as students of ICMS, promote that we care about the environment. As ICMS is so close to the ocean we are located in an impactful zone as any litter that is within two kilometres of the ocean ends up in our waterways,” ICMS Green Team club chair Hannah Chadwick said.

ICMS is located in Manly, NSW, with nine beautiful beaches within walking distance of campus.

“If we drop rubbish on our campus it not only looks bad but it hurts our environment. If we educate, then people can change their mindset and the problem of litter will not be an issue.”

Chadwick said the club, made up of post-graduate and under-graduate students, conducts regular beach clean ups, have recently introduced a lunchtime trivia game, and plan in the future to help with a local “boomerang bags” initiative. The ICMS Green Team also observes national and international environmental occasions such as Earth Hour and Clean Up Australia Day.

“The main vision of the club is education. We want to educate both staff and students about how they can assist to keep our environment beautiful and waste free,” Chadwick said.

“ICMS students should get involved in the team as they can do their part to give back to the community and make a change. The more numbers we get, the more impact we can make which leads to great change in the future.”

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