ICMS Ranked Number One in Australia for Events and Hospitality by Leading Global Research Company*

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) has been ranked number one in Australia in a survey looking at student employability for the event management and hospitality management sector*

The 2017 survey undertaken by the Kantar Group (Kantar Millward Brown), the world's leading research, data and insights company, ranked ICMS number one in Australia for Event Management and Hospitality Management – based on student employability.*

The survey asked leading industry brands** to rank Australian higher education Institutions offering Event Management or Hospitality Management for student employability. ICMS came out on top achieving the highest consideration for student employability, with 89% of those surveyed seriously considering ICMS when hiring an Event Management or Hospitality Management graduate.

This means that industry employers are more likely to consider hiring ICMS graduates over graduates from other higher education institutions, and that ICMS students can be confident of finding employment post-graduation.

“In today’s current economic climate, the findings of this survey are an enormous credit to our institution,” ICMS President and CEO Dr Dominic Szambowski said.

“We are extremely proud of the calibre of students passing through ICMS, all of whom are put through a rigorous academic program, supported by exceptional staff. The key, though, is that it is this strong theoretical training combined with our emphasis on industry training that has led to us being recognised as number one in preparing students for the best career they can follow, and in offering employer's quality candidates who will add value to any company in which they are employed.”

ICMS has agreements with leading industry brands and work experience is factored into every degree and course offered. This means that ICMS students are already experienced in their relevant fields before they graduate.

The survey also found that ICMS Bachelor of Event Management and Bachelor Hospitality Management ranked number one for “offering a professional learning environment for students (83%), providing the most professional students (83%) and creating work ready students (85%)”.

“The Kantar Group survey makes it official: ICMS hospitality management and event management students are at the top of the pile when it comes to employability and we are incredibly proud of this fact,” Dr Szambowski said.

“This is something we have methodically and consciously worked towards, and it is great to have this aspect of educating our students recognised. We are proud that our students are the preferred candidates in job interviews in the events and hospitality industries.”

* Versus a set of key competitors based on n=46 leading industry brand partners of ICMS (from a list of 140 leading industry brand partners).

** Leading industry brand partners of ICMS