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ICMS Scores Higher than Go8 in Skills Development, Learner Engagement

ICMS Scores Higher than Go8 in Skills Development, Learner Engagement

October 4, 2018

The career-focused emphasis of International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) on industry training and the ongoing support provided to students has given the higher education institution an edge over Group of 8 (Go8) Universities in the QILT 2017 survey in the areas of learner engagement and skills development.

QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching) is a suite of national higher education surveys funded and endorsed by the Department of Education and Training, and independently administered by The Social Research Centre.

For learner engagement in the QILT survey 2017, ICMS scored 74% compared to an average score of 62.6% for the Go8. This percentage measures how students rate their engagement with learning at their institution positively, for example the frequency of online or face to face discussions, and whether they had a sense of belonging at their institution.

In skills development, 83.8% of ICMS students rated their skills developed through their studies positively, higher than the Go8 average of 79.18%.

ICMS President and CEO Dr Dominic Szambowski welcomed the favourable comparison between ICMS and the Go8 according to QILT data, and said this underlined ICMS’ commitment to equipping students to become future leaders in their fields.

“Our strength is in our proven record of supporting our students as they prepare for their careers,” Szambowski said.

“The QILT 2017 survey shows that the education that ICMS students receive compares with the best in Australia and, in some areas, even better.”

Key factors in ICMS’ success in the areas of learner engagement and skills development are the rigorous industry training program and the Student Success Centre (SSC).

Every degree offered at ICMS has a built in industry training component, where students must complete nine months of industry training in the form of work placements and internships. Skills development through the ICMS industry training program has led to the college recording a 77% graduate employment rate, according to QILT 2017, compared to the national average full-time graduate employment rate of 70.6%.

“Industry training naturally enhances skills development as our students are able to ‘learn on the job’, find their footing in their chosen industry with the safety net of ICMS behind them, and gain valuable work experience that they can put on their resume,” Szambowski said.

The SSC is a centre aimed at providing academic support to students. On average, around 60% of students who seek support through the SSC to improve their GPA scores succeed in doing so. The SSC also runs a Peer Assisted Learning Service (PALS) where high performing students assist others in specific areas of their studies.

“All this adds up to ICMS students who are employable even before they graduate, with a skillset that comes from practical experience that can only be gained outside of the lecture theatres,” Dr Szambowski said.

“The proof is in the data – our students feel supported, connected, and enjoy their student experience while gaining world-class qualifications. This is important to us as an institution, and results in graduates ready to set the world alight in their chosen careers.”

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