Industry training snapshot - ABS

The Australian Bridal Service (ABS) is Australia’s largest bridal exhibition company and it holds six events each year in both Sydney and Melbourne. These events feature more than 180 exhibitors from the bridal industry and include the most spectacular fashion parades with high-end bridal designers. Sarah Manefield shares her industry training story at the ABS.

During my time at ABS, I held several roles, which helped me understand the different procedures and operations within the company. My roles ranged from administration to sales, to the coordination of events in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Role challenges

• Stepping outside my comfort zone to make sales cold calls.

• Realising the difference between theories I learnt at ICMS and what happens in reality.

• Dealing with difficult customers and colleagues.

• Backing up my ideas with real life examples – this is crucial to justifying your ideas in the workplace, and having previous experience to draw upon would have made this easier.

Most rewarding parts of the experience

• Networking with people from the industry.

• Understanding how an event is run – from start to finish and being able to implement all aspects.

• My development as a person, in terms of being able to see the ‘bigger picture’.

• Travelling to Melbourne and getting a true sense of what it is like to work and travel. (FYI it’s not as glamorous as it sounds).

• Realising the benefit my education at ICMS had on my role at ABS. For example, being able to suggest different strategies and processes that I had learnt in my management classes.

How industry training prepared me for my career...

Through this experience I got a great insight into what I can expect in the workplace when I finish here at ICMS. I also enjoyed being able to put my knowledge to the test. 

What’s next

Industry training has helped me work out where I want to head in my career in the events industry; I discovered I want to work in the operations and logistics side as I like to organise and improve efficiency. I am now working at ABS for two days a week in administration as I am not available to take on a bigger role during my studies. However I do hope to work there full time after I graduate.


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