Jemma's scholarship journey

Jemma Cavallaro was awarded the ANZ scholarship in February 2014. For the Bachelor of Business Management student, the scholarship represented an exciting opportunity to work in wealth marketing through a three-month internship with ANZ. 

During her time at ANZ, Jemma worked as a marketing coordinator within the Wealth Marketing department (which includes super, share trading, investments and financial advice). She worked alongside a marketing manager and collaborated on social, digital and content marketing campaigns. "The most exciting projects I was involved with definitely featured the creation of a Facebook social campaign to raise brand awareness of ANZ’s major sponsorship of the Melbourne symphony Orchestra," she says. "I was also the project manager of script reviews and undertook the casting and selection process of presenters to be used for seminar videos within ANZ’s Grow app."

Jemma was able to watch the final filming, which took place at Fox Studios over three days. "It was truly amazing and rewarding for me as I played a big part in the early production stage and was then able to see the videos in the making," she says.

The Insurance Marketing team also provided Jemma with other opportunities. "My knowledge of the marketing behind various Insurance products has grown so much. I was also given the privilege to present a total of $5000 to several ANZ staff members who had won an internal Insurance competition."

Setting goals

Jemma was determined to make the most of her experiences at ANZ and decided the best way to do this was to set goals. "My goal at ANZ was to get involved with anything I could in order to add value to my internship experience. During the three-month period I attended multiple conferences and workshops ranging from Universal Music, Apple, Google glass and the Salesforce Connect, digital marketing conference of 2014. 

Learning and development was a focus of Jemma's experience at ANZ and she was provided with weekly meetings with her learning and development mentor in the corporate banking division. "I took the initiative to discuss financial terminology that I had come across in the Australian Financial Review during my morning bus commute," she says. During these sessions, Jemma learnt about key financial and accounting concepts that she could also see practically applied in the ANZ corporate banking division. "I can now apply these in my current and future studies at ICMS," Jemma adds.  

"From working with ANZ I truly grew as a person in terms of my professionalism, confidence and networking abilities. By the end I believed I genuinely added value to the organisation, even as a first year intern, and felt very much a part of the marketing team," says Jemma, who urges prospective students to apply for ICMS' professional scholarships. "It is such a valuable life experience, looks incredible on your CV, and will absolutely give you a competitive edge and a foot in the door." 

Next year Jemma hopes to return to the ANZ Wealth Marketing division to complete her industry training. And in the future she hopes to work within the ANZ Melbourne world headquarters within retail banking. “I recently visited the ANZ Melbourne building to meet with retail grads to discuss their experiences and prospective employment opportunities after I graduate.”

ANZ Scholarship Overview

In partnership with ANZ, ICMS has a unique scholarship opportunity for new students commencing the Bachelor of Business Management in 2016 and will consider students enrolling in other ICMS Bachelor degrees who show potential to be business leaders. This scholarship prepares students for a career in business management with a 12-14 week full-time paid work placement within the ANZ organisation. This experience and exposure to the world of corporate banking will be of enormous value on the resume of a young professional leader. Successful recipients also receive a $17,600 (8 subject) fee credit and applications will be evaluated by the Scholarship Board, consisting of a representative of ANZ Corporate Bank, an ICMS Academic representative as well as the Chair of ICMS Professional Scholarships.


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