Study Abroad in Bali a Solution to Australian Border Closures in 2021?

Study Abroad in Bali a Solution to Australian Border Closures in 2021?

February 24, 2021

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) has put together an exciting “Study Abroad in Bali” option for 2021 Study Abroad students – in the event that Australian borders remain closed in August. The ingenious solution being put forward is an ICMS Bali Study Experience.

The ICMS Study Abroad Program offers both undergraduates and postgraduates the choice between 1 trimester (14 weeks) or 2 trimesters (28 weeks, excluding holidays). For this August, students may be able to do their first trimester in Bali and their second trimester in Sydney. Whilst this solution would be primarily to accommodate over-18 Study Abroad students, it would also be possible to welcome other international students, such as postgraduate students completing their two-trimester graduate certificate.

This proposed ICMS Bali Study Experience would offer students the perfect mix of online education and travel in Bali and/or Australia, giving them the chance to experience some of the world’s best beaches within a rigorous academic program. The time difference between Bali and Sydney is only 3 hours, allowing students to adjust easily when they transfer to Sydney.

“ICMS wants to ensure that all our Study Abroad students are still able to experience the ultimate study experience. An off-shore Balinese study experience could offer just this. International students would be able to participate in subjects of their choice while experiencing the excitement of travel in Bali – if they can’t get to our campus in Sydney,” said Todd Palioca, Vice President of International and Domestic Development at ICMS.

Students would be able to study in two of the world’s most beautiful summer destinations, Bali and Sydney – within the top-quality academic program offered by the prestigious International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). Study Abroad students will also be able to live together whilst studying, as ICMS will arrange accommodation and facilitated study spaces in Bali for students. ICMS has implemented COVID-safe policies and processes for on-campus students in Australia since March 2020 and would implment the same safety measures off-shore.

Mr Palioca explained, “This is a solution to Study Abroad students who are keen to travel down-under for their semester aboard but are uncertain about exactly when the Australian borders will reopen post-COVID. They can now go ahead and book their Study Abroad program knowing they will have two great options – no matter what happens!”

Who wouldn’t want to experience two summers in the Southern hemisphere in two of the world’s most beautiful destinations? ‘Après study’ experiences on offer in Bali include: hiking, snorkelling, cultural cooking, surfing, island hopping, fishing, and swimming with sea turtles. Then of course there’s the gentle Balinese way of life, the unique Balinese Hindu culture, the food and the shopping at local markets.

“We think our Study Abroad students will love being able to experience this beautiful island full of lush forests and clear lakes and world-famous beaches,” said Mr Palioca.

With temperatures averaging around 30-degrees Celsius all year, studying abroad in Bali offers a warm tropical location known for its inexpensive, fun, and laid-back lifestyle.

Mr Palioca believes the proposed ICMS Bali Study Experience will be a hit with students, “we have received lots of very positive feedback from our office representing European students who are keen to study in either Bali or Australia – or both if they opt for the two-trimester Study Abroad in Bali program. It’ll be the best way for our Study Abroad students to combine study and travel outside of our Australian campuses.”

Students interested in the ICMS to Study Abroad program will be able to enrol in up to 4 subjects per trimester. These would be delivered online. Online classes at ICMS have been running for some time now and the feedback from students – as well as their results – has been very positive.

When students get to Sydney, hopefully by the second trimester of their two-trimester program at the latest, they will experience the classic ICMS Study Abroad program in a sandstone ‘castle’ overlooking world-famous Manly Beach and Sydney harbour. They will spend their term breaks exploring Sydney or travelling Australia.

Visa options will be discussed through the ICMS European office.

To apply for this exciting Study Abroad in Bali opportunity, please contact our European representatives:

Please Note;

  • As Covid-19 restrictions evolve and change so might the arrangements for this ICMS Bali Study Experience
  • Please check for updates from our representative or European office before purchasing flights
  • Travel insurance for Bali will be mandatory
  • ICMS policies and procedures will apply to students whilst in Bali
  • ICMS reserves the right to change the study experience destination inline with Covid-19 regulations



Study Abroad in Bali Undergraduate Study Areas

Pick from a range of exciting, contemporary subjects that will complement your career ambitions and your interests! Some examples include:

  • Pathway to Success
  • Blogging Your Way to Fame
  • Entrepreneurship Foundations and Mindset
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Gastronomy
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Sports Marketing
  • Trends and Issues in the Visitor Economy
  • Tour Design and Development
  • Management Solutions for a Changing World

…and many more!

Study Abroad in Bali Postgraduate Study Areas

Pick from subjects that will boost your career and enhance your management skills – and your employability, such as:

  • Managing in the Global Context
  • Contemporary Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Contemporary Management Capabilities
  • International Trade and Logistics
  • Contemporary Management Capabilities
  • Hospitality Management Simulations
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Visitor Behaviour and Management

and many more!


For more information on the ICMS Study Abroad program, click here  https://www.icms.edu.au/courses/programs-pathways/study-abroad/

To read more on tourism in Bali, click here https://bali.com/