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Going to University? Student Prefers ICMS Experience over University experience

Going to University? Student Prefers ICMS Experience over University experience

August 15, 2019

Having started her studies at a university straight after school but feeling uninspired by the course and size of the institution, International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Bachelor of Business student Chloe Curby enrolled at the career-focused higher education institute at the start of this year and hasn’t looked back.

Although technically in her first year at ICMS, Curby was able to transfer credits from her previous course of study so she is in her second year academically at ICMS.

The university experience was not what Chloe had hoped for

“After my first year at the university I started studying at after completing my HSC in 2016, I deferred the year in 2018 to take some time to re-evaluate my future plans and to focus on working. After the year off, I found I was not excited to return to the university I previously studied at,” said Curby.

“Despite making some good friends, I simply felt like I was a number in the system and the lectures and tutorials were uninspiring. I knew I wanted to continue my studies, so I thought I would try apply elsewhere. I had a friend studying at ICMS who suggested I apply here.”

Curby lives on the Northern Beaches, Sydney, which is where ICMS’ main campus is located. ICMS also has a city campus located in the heart of the Sydney CBD. The fact that ICMS boasts an overall graduate employment rate higher than the G8 Australian Universities, according to the 2017 Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Graduate Survey, and that 90% of ICMS students graduate with a job in their field, according to the Internal Graduate Survey (2018), were confirmation to Curby that she had made the right move.

Why Chloe chose to transition from a university to ICMS

“I attended an ICMS tour where I found a completely different community experience than what exists at the university I studied at prior to coming to ICMS. The grounds of ICMS were beautiful, and I found the academic program of just one three hour class per subject very appealing, rather than the separate lecture and tutorial setups found at most universities. I felt that by studying at ICMS, I could have a much better work/study life balance.”

Curby found the transition from a university to studying at ICMS, a higher education institution, smooth thanks to the support she received from both the ICMS staff and students.

“The staff were so helpful in ensuring I was comfortable in my start at ICMS. They made me feel known and valued in the community within the first week. Both staff and students created an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement, making me feel welcome and inspired during my transition,” she said.

Chloe’s recommendation to other students

As for whether Curby would recommend ICMS to students, the answer was overwhelmingly positive.

“Of course!” she said.

“I believe I have grown immensely since starting at ICMS. I have been given a tremendous amount of opportunities and space to enjoy learning in. I am so very grateful for the experiences I have had with the incredible ICMS staff and students, and look forward to continuing these until I graduate.”

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Bachelor of Business

The ICMS Bachelor of Business is designed to position you for business success in any industry, with a focus on future-proofing you for adaptability in a rapidly changing world.

Bachelor of Business subjects focus on developing core business skills such marketing; agile leadership, collaboration and managing people; strategic planning and innovative problem solving; and of course financial literacy. Our goal is to develop business leaders ready to take advantage of all that an international business career offers.

Business subjects are supplemented by elective subjects from a range of business areas. Your choices might include electives in marketing, international tourism, entrepreneurship, hospitality management, sports management and event management. You could also pick from specialist contemporary areas of business such as leadership, innovation or project management. This allows you to build a personalised educational experience that reflects your interest and ambitions.



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