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What is an MBA degree and is it right for you?

What is an MBA degree and is it right for you?

May 18, 2023

What is an MBA degree? In business and leadership, this prestigious postgraduate qualification is the mark of success, innovation and achievement.

An MBA builds on a strong foundation in business to propel future leaders from diverse backgrounds into high-ranking positions.

This degree truly serves as an invaluable resource for those looking to launch their careers skywards and carve out successful career paths for themselves.

But what is an MBA?

“An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a graduate degree in business and management that provides students with a broad range of business skills and knowledge applicable across a variety of industries,” ICMS Postgraduate Program Manager Dr James Cooper explains.

“It is designed to prepare individuals for leadership roles by providing leadership skills, critical thinking, better communication, self-discipline, improved time management, and more.”

An MBA gets you – and your career – to the next level

The ICMS MBA is designed for career builders and will educate students for personal success in their professional life.

It is intended for experienced junior to middle-level (general) managers; and professionals, specialists in their field/role and entrepreneurs who want to fast-track their career.

This could look like a promotion to a more senior level position, or a complete change of career to a different industry or role.

The ICMS MBA provides a unique opportunity for graduates to develop their impactful leadership skills and build the cultural competency needed in today’s globalised society.

By emphasizing Ethics, Responsibility & Sustainability as fundamental pillars of the curriculum, the program encourages learning experiences that promote lifelong personal growth and sustainability-driven innovation.

Students will be prepared with the organisational abilities necessary to create meaningful change within any organisation they work at while displaying adaptable agility through leading transformation initiatives on an international scale.

Is an MBA for you?

“The answer as to whether an MBA is right for you depends upon your career goals and aspirations.

“It can be a valuable tool for those looking to progress to higher management, pivot their career, or start a new business,” Dr Cooper said.

“A good way to leverage an MBA is by specialising in areas making it more relevant to your aspirations and future market demands. By then choosing an MBA with strength in industry engagement, you have a competitive edge in the job market.”

On a practical level, take a careful look at your career goals, interests, and financial resources before making a decision.

Also check to see whether you qualify to take on an MBA.

The ICMS MBA is offered for post-experienced students with a minimum of three years of relevant work experience. This enables students to discuss theories, case studies, work on assessments and learn from each other based on their prior work.

Compare MBAs and find out what is on offer that will help you in your quest for career fulfilment and success.

For example, the ICMS MBA offers, as part of the two year program, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects which guarantees a minimum 520 hours professional placement within an industry partner’s organisation. This internship is an opportunity to network and connect for the betterment of your future career.

Will an MBA get you further in your chosen career?

The list below illustrates a few of the wide-ranging career opportunities for an ICMS MBA graduate:

  •         Account Executive
  •         Business/Management Consultant
  •         Business Development Manager
  •         C-Suite positions
  •         Entrepreneur General / Senior Manager
  •         Industry Specialist Manager
  •         Marketing Manager
  •         Operations Manager
  •         Product Manager

Are these careers appealing to you? With an MBA, you can get there.

Does an MBA inspire you?

Finally, take a close look at your personal ethos, and what you want to achieve in life.

Are you:

  • Ambitious, passionate and driven?
  • Do you have a heart for business and industry?
  • Do you want to make an impact?
  • Do you want to realise your full leadership potential?
  • Do you want to make yourself and your family proud?
  • Do you want a postgraduate degree that will make you sought after by employers both in Australia and abroad?

ICMS MBA graduates are leaders, complex problem solvers and critical thinkers who embrace teamwork. They get things done, they are competent and confident.

They know where they are going and how they are going to get there. They are the master of their future and they are on a journey towards mastering leadership.

An ICMS MBA will get you to the next level – if this is what you are striving for, then an MBA is for you.

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* Dr James Cooper is on the Senior Academic Team at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). He is a Senior Program Manager Postgraduate responsible for the management and development of postgraduate business programs and is an academic with extensive experience in business management, entrepreneurship, and teaching. 

James holds a PhD in Management from the RMIT University, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Queensland University of Technology, and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning from RMIT University. 

Additionally, he is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a graduate of their International Directors Course. James is also a member of the Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management.


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