Maddison Lambert

Maddison Lambert

Not even delicate brain surgery during the course of current International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) student Maddison Lambert’s studies could derail this dynamic travel influencer from successfully juggling working and studying fulltime.

Maddison is currently nearing the end of her three year ICMS Bachelor of Business (International Tourism) degree, and is poised to launch into her career fulltime into the exciting field of social media influencing, hotel management and marketing.

She has already had many years in the industry as part of the Luxe Family Travel team, which was launched by her mother, Emma Lambert, years ago. Luxe Family Travel is a travel blog built to inspire and help young families organize and make the most out of travel experiences, and Emma was a pioneer in the social media influencer industry.

Her personal Instagram account, @maddisonlambert_, currently has 16 600 followers, while her family’s account, luxefamilytravel, has over 234,000 followers. The Lambert family have been invited to luxury hotels and resorts all over the world on the back of their well-crafted, professional and unique social media marketing offering.

“I always had an interest in photography and videography growing up. So at 15, I started to capture content for our family blog overseas. Suddenly we started to receive invitations to luxury resorts overseas and our first big job was to go to the Maldives to stay in a world leading resort. Since 2015, I’ve been on social media, creating content for my own Instagram brand along with my mom’s blog, and our shared account.”

Maddison was able to recognise early on that travel, marketing and luxury hotels and resorts were where her passion lay. She completed the nine month Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience that is a core component of every ICMS degree with Luxe Family Travel.

“I worked hard and my mum had to work with the ICMS Industry Training Team to make sure I was covering all the requirements and getting the right kind of experience.”

It was while studying at the ICMS main campus, located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, that Maddison overcame serious medical difficulties.

“In the middle of my degree last year, I went through a rough patch. Through the sudden onset of seizures I discovered that I had a brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) which would require extensive and delicate brain surgery to remove. This meant that I had to take a full trimester off uni at least to have the surgery and recover,” she said.

“Fortunately, all went well in the surgery, although the rehabilitation process was tougher than I anticipated and required me to learn how to physically function and walk again. I also had to train myself mentally to feel healthy and not lose sight of my life goals. My surgeon did suggest that I take the entire year off to recover. However, I was so enthusiastic about getting back to the person I was and completing my degree that I went back to ICMS for the last trimester. Through this experience, I learnt that your mindset really does influence your chances of achieving your goals.”

Having not found traditional learning settings at school in large classes suitable to her learning style, Maddison was attracted to ICMS’ smaller class sizes and abundant student support and close interaction with lecturers.

“I remember feeling quite nervous to go to university because I did struggle with learning difficulties and didn’t enjoy the traditional way of learning and testing at school. This is why when researching university options, I tried hard to find one that has support and would not hesitate to assist with any of my issues or concerns. So this brings me to why I chose ICMS. I knew I didn’t want to be treated like just a number at a traditional university and the supportive community feel was the main draw card for me to enrol at ICMS. Over the years of studying, I can tell you that the staff here are so willing to support students through any problem, no matter how big or small, and you just don’t get that at a crowded university,” she said.

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning in the classroom style lessons because it felt more personalised compared to a huge university lecture room, and there was so much more interaction between students and the lecturer. And because it’s a smaller campus, I’ve met great people here that have become close friends and have the same career interests as me. I think it would have been much harder at a big university.”

Maddison’s ultimate career goal is to become Marketing Manager of a luxury hotel, and recognises that building on the academic and practical foundation of a degree from ICMS, together with hard work and time in the industry is required to fulfil her professional goals.

“Since starting my ICMS Bachelor of Business (International Tourism) degree, it has become clear that I would like to strive to achieve a management role in a hotel. I’m working towards my career goal of eventually becoming a marketing manager for an international hotel chain. I’m a firm believer that patience and experience pays off. So for me, over the next few years, I look forward to working full time in a hotel through various roles to gain insightful knowledge about how a big company like that runs as a whole,” she said.

Maddison invites any prospective or current ICMS students to contact her via direct message on Instagram (@maddisonlambert_).

“I’ll be more than happy to talk to students about anything from industry advice, personal experience, or just to chat about starting uni,” she said.

“I wish you all well in your upcoming studies and know that ICMS is an excellent place to help launch your career.”

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