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Project schedule

Project schedule

Our aspiration: successful collaboration

Our highly structured project schedule assures a maximum of transparency and quality. This proven process facilitates close collaboration on a high level and assures a high degree of flexibility.

First consultation

You will meet with one of our Consultants who will guide you through our process, identify your needs and provide you with a customised design, unique to your business challenges.

Team selection

An innovative approach – You have everything you need to succeed, you just require the resources and support to take the next step. Our consultants are leading industry experts with specialised expertise in their field. They are selected to respond to your needs and guarantee an interdisciplinary approach. They will lead the project and from there, our consultants will take you to your next step in success.

Proposal outline

The journey towards your success – You will meet with your carefully selected team to discuss the project details and agree to the consultation proposal. The proposal will be broken down into steps that will be specific and documented and form the basis of our contract. By accepting it, our collaboration can begin.

Realisation and execution

Turning a new page – Following your consultation proposal we will offer you workshops, presentations, telephone briefings and email contact to ensure that you are constantly informed of your project’s progress. Our Consultants will monitor your project to guarantee its quality. You will of course have access to your team if you have any queries along the way.

Project closure

Taking the next step – This is the conclusion to our collaboration. You will receive our advice in the form of a presentation, workshop or conversation – the choice is yours. It will be the transformation of your business challenge into an actionable strategy based on our careful collaboration and analysis. We will then help you determine your next steps towards success. Of course, if you need our ongoing support, we are here to provide it.

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