Dr Joanna Crossman

DR Joanna Crossman
Associate Dean (Postgraduate and International)
Academic Board
Senior Academic Team

Associate Professor, Dr Joanna Crossman has a forty year international career as an academic, an educational manager and accreditation consultant. She has held a number of directorships in universities and other higher education organisations. Joanna's expatriate career in East Malaysia, The UAE, Norway, the UK and her home Australia, has inspired her passion for internationalisation. A recipient of awards for internationalisation and teaching, Joanna co-edits the Emerald journal, International Education in Business. She has published nearly 60 works on interculturality, workplace spirituality, ethics and international education.

Joanna's work has been published in top tier journals such as HERD, Higher Education, Journal of Business Ethics and the Oxford Review of Education. Her most recent co-edited books include; De Janasz, S. & Crossman, J.  (Eds.) 2018 (forthcoming) Teaching HRM: An experiential Approach, Edward Elgar. Dhiman, S, Roberts, G & Crossman, J. 2018 (Eds.), Handbook of Workplace Spirituality & Fulfilment, Palgrave Macmillan Springer. Joanna has dedicated much of her career to research education and her role as Director of Research in the School of Management, at the University of South Australia reflected her interests. A supervior and examiner of a number of PhD theses has enriched her teaching experience. She has also been appointed as an ARC examiner.    Joanna has been interviewed by a number of media outlets, including The Australian.


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