Our Stories

Andrew Macgregor is an ICMS Bachelor of Business Management student

Andrew MacGregor

"ICMS is large enough to be unfamiliar and feel as if you are stepping out of your comfort zone, while still being small enough to feel comfortable, enabling you to meet plenty of new people from around the world and learn in a friendly environment."

Fernando Motti - 2007 ICMS Event Management Graduate

Fernando Motti

"ICMS has one of the best event management courses in Australia, if not the best. I learned from the best professionals in the industry and had constant contact with industry professionals to build my networks."

Daisee Campisi, event management student at ICMS

Daisee Campisi

"I love my industry specific classes, they are so practical and involved. I learn so much from my teachers' experience in the field. The teachers are always willing to help and are genuinely interested in my life and how I am going with my studies."

Georgina Larby - ICMS 2010 Hospitality Management Graduate

Georgina Larby

"ICMS was my first pick to study a Bachelor course in hospitality. The location of the campus was also a major deciding factor… how can anyone say no to the view? Thanks to ICMS I have developed an all-round hands-on approach to business and management."

Chakyl Camal - 2012 Property Management Graduate

Chakyl Camal

"My property career started at ICMS with an industry training placement at the Reserve Bank of Australia. I gained valuable experience in facilities management, engaging with stakeholders and managing projects."

Chelsea Mckay, Bachelor of Hospitality Management student at ICMS Manly

Chelsea McKay

"I've always had a strong passion for food and, more recently, wine. I had hopes of opening a restaurant and serving people beautiful food. However, I lacked the knowledge and experience to do such a thing, and so began searching for a school where I could gain the necessary skills and knowledge to run a successful business. That's when I found ICMS"

Lucy McLachlan - ICMS 2012 International Tourism Graduate

Lucy McLachlan

"I studied at ICMS because I liked the idea of studying business with a tourism focus since I love to travel! My industry training experience was invaluable and during my final two years at ICMS I continued to work casually with my industry training employer – Swain Tours."

Hannah Chadwick was awarded an ICMS Professional Scholarship

Hannah Chadwick

"In September 2015 I travelled to New York for a study tour where we undertook site inspections in world class venues and helped behind the scenes of some of the most popular international fashion shows."

Jarrad Hines - ICMS Business Management Graduate

Jarrad Hines

"My industry training experience has definitely improved my employment prospects and confidence in the workplace. It is important for me that I gain the respect of employers – by completing industry training, I may be considered to take on a role with more responsibility such as a supervisor."