Our Stories

Lucy McLachlan - ICMS 2012 International Tourism Graduate

Lucy McLachlan

"I studied at ICMS because I liked the idea of studying business with a tourism focus since I love to travel! My industry training experience was invaluable and during my final two years at ICMS I continued to work casually with my industry training employer – Swain Tours."

Hannah Chadwick was awarded an ICMS Professional Scholarship

Hannah Chadwick

"In September 2015 I travelled to New York for a study tour where we undertook site inspections in world class venues and helped behind the scenes of some of the most popular international fashion shows."

Jarrad Hines - ICMS Business Management Graduate

Jarrad Hines

"My industry training experience has definitely improved my employment prospects and confidence in the workplace. It is important for me that I gain the respect of employers – by completing industry training, I may be considered to take on a role with more responsibility such as a supervisor."

Ivan Garcia - ICMS Hospitality Graduate

Ivan Garcia

“ICMS is, without a doubt, the best institution to study hospitality management in Sydney. It has a strong academic curriculum and is associated with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland. Every single lecturer at ICMS is qualified, passionate, professional, and has had extensive work experience in their fields.”

Sowon Lee is an events student at the International College of Management, Manly

Sowon Lee

"ICMS offers a multicultural environment, giving me the chance to learn about different cultures and establish networks from all over the world. But mainly, I love that I’m studying in Hogwarts like Harry-Potter surroundings."

Kim Noonan - ICMS Business and Event Management

Kimberly Noonan

“ICMS offers the best business course of its kind - it combines a solid curriculum with practical experience. I really appreciate the smaller classrooms and personalised learning. The teachers inspire and encourage me to do my best.”

Aristoteli Taktikos is a Bachelor of Sports Management student at ICMS

Aristoteli Taktikos

"All I knew was that I love sports and that is my passion, but the ICMS Sports Management Course has taught me about the background of sports, and sports from all angles. ICMS has helped me find myself, and find where my passion is in sport, off the field."

ICMS student Pedro Sousa

Pedro Sousa

"Industry Training at ICMS was one of the biggest reasons that I enrolled. I had a real opportunity to show what I can do in Australia. I’ve achieved at ICMS the essential knowledge that a manager has to have as well as how to present myself for the business world."

Brent Lim won the ICMS Manly Council scholarship

Brent Lim

“Working in Manly Council has allowed me to be exposed to the different aspects of organising an event. It is exciting to be able to use the knowledge and skills that I have developed from ICMS in the real events world.”