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The ICMS Ceremonial Mace

The ICMS Ceremonial Mace

What is the importance of the ICMS Ceremonial Mace?

It is believed that the current traditions are founded in medieval England where the mace was employed in the protection of dignitaries at formal events and ceremonies. Since that time maces have become common in formal proceedings of governments and also within the higher education sector globally.

Now an essential part of official ceremonies in education institutions around the world, it signifies the strength and authority of the institution as a higher education institution and its ability to confer awards on its graduates.

The ICMS Mace is a physical representation of who we are at ICMS. It has a spiritual or ‘Whakapapa’ connotation.  Whakapapa is a Māori word that connotes legacy and the connectivity between our past, our present and our future in relation to all other living things. Whakapapa at ICMS is central to our institution, reminding us of where we have come from, what we are today, and what we may be in the future. This is represented visually by the collars around the mace’s staff which mark important milestones within the life of the College.

At the April 2022 Graduation Ceremony, ICMS Founder and Chairman Darryl Courtney O’Connor explained to graduands, “After today you belong to the ICMS Whakapapa. We wouldn’t be here today but for who has journeyed before with ICMS, we are who we are at ICMS in the present, and it’s our obligation to pass on ICMS in a better place while we are here.”

Further, as an Australian institution, ICMS is cognisant of the historical significance of the mace in the local environment, in relation to the traditional owners of the land, and the former Seminary whose ‘Castle’ campus ICMS staff and students now call home. The mace has been designed with this in mind and protocols have been developed to honour those traditions, but also reflect the college’s unique character and history at the same time.

The Design of the ICMS Mace

The design of the ICMS Mace captures the culture and history of both the college and its founding family and is designed in such a way that its ongoing historical milestones can be captured progressively into the future.

  • Began with Higher Education status in 2006
  • Design and development began in 2019
  • Heraldic design by Richard d’Apice – President of the Australian Heraldry Society
  • Staff / Mace design, development and construction by George H. Lilley Regalia

MACE staff design breakdown

Details of the design of the ICMS Ceremonial Mace

The Crown

It’s crown is a metallic model of the ICMS College – known around the world by our alumni, and here by ourselves and the entire community.

The Head

The Collar

The Staff

Watch the History of the ICMS Ceremonial Mace

ICMS Ceremonial Mace Protocol

When will the Ceremonial Mace be present?

ICMS in consideration of the historic precedents and in setting its own protocols for the future, has chosen to include the presence of the mace at the following occasions:

  1. Formal orientation welcome ceremonies (visitation rights only)
  2. Meetings of Joint BOD Meeting & Board of Directors
  3. Scholarship ceremonies
  4. Graduation ceremonies
  5. Annual Manly Community Public Ceremonial Walk

Who can carry the Mace at formal occasions/Ceremonies?

How will the Ceremonial Mace-bearer be selected?

What are other examples of ceremonial protocol?

What will the mace bearer wear?