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Professional Placement Internships (Work Integrated Learning)


The International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program is exemplary in the Australian tertiary sector.

ICMS’ vision is as ‘Australia’s leader of industry-focused education’ and preparing students for success in their chosen career is our highest priority.

A central element in achieving this vision is Work Integrated Learning (also known as ‘Professional Placement’, ‘Internship’ or ‘Work Experience’); with all bachelors and master’s degrees having built-in WIL subjects which include a professional placement. So all ICMS students graduate with more than a degree. The WIL experience provides students up to two study periods of professional placement within an industry of their choice and the opportunity to prepare for their future career, to apply (and further develop) their employability skills and gain valuable contacts and networks.

ICMS resource a dedicated office in support of WIL with a proud history of Professional Placement Consultants preparing and placing an average of up to 320 students per year as part of the WIL program.

We could not do this without our industry partners. Our WIL Team have worked with over 1000 industry partners. Long term partner, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has hosted 50+ students on industry Placement. Closer to home, Northern Beaches Council, Lakeba Group and the Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific have hosted many students on their industry Placement over the years. Our industry partners help ICMS to shape the leaders of tomorrow and their continued willingness to support and mentor our students speaks to the continued success of the WIL program.

For many students, these internships translate into employment post-graduation, with almost 90% of ICMS  students employed in their field of study.*

  • What is Work Integrated Learning (WIL)?

    Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is any arrangement where a student undertakes learning in a workplace outside of the institution as a part of their course of study.

    At ICMS all degree students undertake professional workplace placements (which can also be known as internships, clinical placements, fieldwork, practicums) whether local, interstate or international.

    Bachelor degrees and Master’s degrees at ICMS offer two trimesters of  professional placement.

    Professional placements are usually organised by the ICMS WIL team, in consultation with the student. The Professional Placement Consultants in the WIL team are committed to monitoring and supporting the wellbeing and safety of students who are engaged in WIL.

    WIL experiences ensure that students have opportunities to further develop and demonstrate their learning – and build their professional networks.

  • How Does it Work?

    At ICMS we believe that the best learning experience combines practical ‘real-world’ experience with a strong academic foundation.

    All our degrees include Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects in which students undertake a placement with an industry partner. Our undergraduates and postgraduates undertake an internship with an industry partner within their chosen industry – giving our students a distinct edge over other graduates.

    Your placement is facilitated by our dedicated ICMS on-site Professional Placement Consultants who provide coaching and guidance throughout.

  • Your Professional Placement

    Your WIL subjects give you a unique opportunity to:
    –  Prepare for your future career in your chosen field of study
    – Create a great first impression within your chosen industry
    – Develop strong professional and career networks
    – Demonstrate and further develop your realworld employability
    – Explore your chosen industry to best inform your future career decisions

    Undergraduate and postgraduate students alike will benefit from a placement with some of the most respected companies in Australia.

  • Professional Placement / Work Integrated Learning Guide

    The ICMS Professional Placement program is exemplary in the higher education sector.

    That’s because 100% of ICMS Bachelor and Masters degrees include a built-in work placement so that students gain valuable real-world experience and connections.

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  • Our Network Is Your Network

    Over the past five years, ICMS has worked with over 1000 industry partners, a milestone that places us at the forefront of career-focused higher education in Australia.

  • Considering taking on an Intern?

    Industry partners are vital in the pathway up the career ladder that our students get upon enrolling in all ICMS degrees.

    Is your organisation considering taking on an ICMS intern?

    Read about how a well-run intern program can make a huge difference to the productivity of your company and is a chance to hit the fast-forward button on some of those projects that you have been meaning to tackle but have not had the time or ressources- until now.