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Academic Support and English Assistance

ICMS Class

The ICMS community prides itself on being more personal than larger universities. We want you to succeed – so we support you with an extensive range of support services.

ICMS has programs in place to support not only your academic learning but also to assist your English language development.

Academic Support

  • Opening hours: 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday
  • To book an appointment with any of the SSC advisors, CLICK HERE

Our Student Success Centre (SSC) features Academic Learning Advisors at all our campuses, dedicated to helping you develop your academic skills and adapt to the cultural shifts in tertiary student life. While the Centre is primarily based in Manly and operates from Monday to Friday each week of the ICMS trimester, we also ensure the presence of advisors at the City Campus on designated days to support our students there. You have the flexibility to choose between online or face-to-face appointments, allowing you to select the mode of communication that best suits your needs.

Take advantage of learning support available so you can achieve the best academic results possible. This could be in the areas of:

  • Effective study techniques
  • Note-taking skills
  • Report and essay writing skills
  • Referencing and citing information
  • Exam preparation techniques
  • Time and stress management
  • Academic writing
  • Oral presentations
  • Learning support for students with a disability
  • Studiosity: 24/7 online academic support and Numeracy support
  • One-on-one and group advice
  • Resume Writing
  • Specialist numeracy support for subjects such as Accounting and Statistics

Peer Assisted Learning Service

The SSC also runs a Peer Assisted Learning Service (PALS). This is a student-driven program where high performing students volunteer to assist others in specific areas of their studies. Be it helping a student to grasp a key concept or steering them in the right academic direction, PALS mentors support students to succeed at ICMS.

English Language Assistance

Our SSC also offers specialist English language assistance for those students who want to improve their written, spoken and comprehension skills.

New students who need or would like additional English language proficiency before commencing study might like to start their ICMS journey with an Academic English Program through the Aspire Institute.