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Learning and teaching

At ICMS you will learn directly from internationally experienced, industry connected academics. They are also joined by our guest speakers who bring their own perspectives on the latest movements in industry, and share their business and management strategies. Meet our academic team here

  • Learning and Teaching

    At ICMS we are dedicated to your education. We aim to deliver a unique learning experience to our students.

    Aspects of teaching and learning at ICMS that we are particularly proud of include: 21st Century Graduate Capabilities are incorporated into all courses; a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge and applied learning delivered in real-work settings; Continual-assessment based course curriculum reflecting real-world experience; the power of backward course design; courses that are designed deliberately with graduate outcomes in mind – even before the curriculum is mapped out; passionate and academically-qualified faculty

  • 21st Century Graduate Capabilities

    Graduate capabilities are the skills and knowledge necessary for graduates to demonstrate confidence, competence and innovation in a specific profession and across disciplines.

    At ICMS, our 21st Century Graduate Capabilities are the skills that every student needs to have developed by the time they graduate. These capabilities (skills) are what employers ask for.

    Graduate capabilities will enhance employment opportunities and lead to success in work and life.

  • Blended Learning at ICMS

    The introduction of ‘Blended-Synchronous’ classes takes the ICMS learning experience to a new level of flexibility. Blended-Synchronous classes give online students the freedom to join a live class from anywhere in the world and feel like they are present in the class.

    These modern and interactive classes go beyond a Zoom experience, with each class session and learning activity being offered in-person and online simultaneously, meaning you can decide how you want to participate. Skilled teachers facilitate activities that allow them to interact with students physically on campus and those studying overseas or remotely.