Student Representative Council (SRC)


The 2021 Student Representative Council (SRC) is a collaboration of both domestic and international students, who are all in different stages of their studies but have a common similarity in wanting to build the ICMS community. The SRC has recently elected, Michaela Mayes as the new SRC President.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity to represent the wider student body through the role of SRC President. To share more about myself, I am a second year Bachelor of Business (Marketing) student with intentions to complete a second bachelor’s degree in a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) also with ICMS.

I am originally from the Central Coast, although moved to the amazing ‘Castle on the Hill’ in February this year. I joined this year as a Marketing Coordinator, as I recognised the importance of connecting to the ICMS community and showing support to students through the tough times caused by COVID-19.

My goal as President is to ensure students are heard, supported and feel as though they are an active member of this college. Even though there is a barrier created by the lack of face to face communications we are currently bound to , it is still so important to we focus on engagement with both domestic and international students to keep the networking system the previous students and SRC has created for us.

Staying connected virtually can be hard but it is an objective of mine and the SRC to make the virtual scene exciting and interesting for the students of ICMS. We have created a weekly lockdown competition scheme through our instagram (@icmscastlelife) to create a space of fun and engagement for students to encourage positivity and some fun. I am very much looking forward to meeting you all in the near future when restrictions ease but until then please know my door is always open to hear new ideas, for you to share your personal story or just someone to talk to!”.

Current Members:

  • Michaela Mayes
  • Julie Williams
  • Samantha Hardiman
  • Sarah Brown
  • Annique Aniere
  • Isabella Cabral
  • Sam Jones

Speaking up for every student

ICMS draws students from all over the world attracted by our reputation as a vibrant social community with incredible student experiences. The diverse student body remains committed to staying connected via formal and informal social activities, both on and off campus.

What Do We Do?

The Student Representative Council (SRC) strives to improve the quality of student life for the entire student body. Elected by their peers, the SRC acts as an advocate for the student body with the elected SRC President taking charge of the events and activities. The SRC also works closely with the Student Experience Team to plan and organise a range of social and cultural activities, including major events such as our College Icebreaker party and themed events such as talent shows, karaoke, cocktail and movie nights.

The SRC is the voice of the students and represents all students’ views on academic and experience-related issues to the College. This not only gives students the forum to voice their views, but also gives the College valuable feedback when planning for the future.


The objectives for which the SRC is established are to:

  • promote and advocate the interests and welfare of students;
  • advise the CEO and ICMS Executive on student experience matters;
  • be informed of and represent the views of students;
  • encourage the formation and successful management of student cultural, social, sporting and education groups;
  • encourage students to be involved in the activities of the SRC;
  • provide for and promote student extra-curricular activities and social events;
  • provide for the welcoming, orientation and social engagement of new students;
  • promote the  multicultural student body by creating and supporting opportunities to celebrate and showcase the diverse cultures of ICMS; and
  • perform such other roles as may be determined by the CEO.

Community Contribution Scheme

The Community Contribution Scheme has been developed to nominate one or two high contributory student(s) each academic term. These are students who go above and beyond with their volunteering work at the College. The contribution includes high involvement in the student experience events such as O-Week, sport activities, community volunteering and organising fundraising events. Students may choose to donate their time and skills to embrace the experience within the student community.

How Do I Get Involved?

If there is something you would like to raise the SRC, you can contact the President to voice your concern.

SRC elections are held throughout the academic year. If you would like more information about joining the SRC or upcoming elections, please email [email protected]

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