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Student Representative Council (SRC)

SRC 2024

Speaking up for every student

ICMS draws students from all over the world attracted by our reputation as a vibrant social community with incredible student experiences. The diverse student body remains committed to staying connected via formal and informal social activities, both on and off campus.

What Do We Do?

The Student Representative Council (SRC) strives to improve the quality of student life for the entire student body. Elected by their peers, the SRC acts as an advocate for the student body with the elected SRC President taking charge of the events and activities. The SRC also works closely with the Student Experience Team to plan and organise a range of social and cultural activities, including major events such as our College Icebreaker party and themed events such as talent shows, karaoke, cocktail and movie nights.

The SRC is the voice of the students and represents all students’ views on academic and experience-related issues to the College. This not only gives students the forum to voice their views, but also gives the College valuable feedback when planning for the future.


The objectives for which the SRC is established are to:

  • promote and advocate the interests and welfare of students;
  • advise the CEO and ICMS Executive on student experience matters;
  • be informed of and represent the views of students;
  • encourage the formation and successful management of student cultural, social, sporting and education groups;
  • encourage students to be involved in the activities of the SRC;
  • provide for and promote student extra-curricular activities and social events;
  • provide for the welcoming, orientation and social engagement of new students;
  • promote the  multicultural student body by creating and supporting opportunities to celebrate and showcase the diverse cultures of ICMS; and
  • perform such other roles as may be determined by the CEO.

How Do I Get Involved?

If there is something you would like to raise the SRC, you can contact the President to voice your concern.

SRC elections are held throughout the academic year. If you would like more information about joining the SRC or upcoming elections, please email [email protected]

About the president Tamzyn Harris

Incoming SRC President Tamzyn Harris has goals of inclusion, engagement and the celebration of diversity across ICMS campuses at the heart of her vision for presidency ahead.

The 2024 Student Representative Council (SRC) is a collaboration of both domestic and international students, who are all in different stages of their studies but have a common similarity in wanting to build the ICMS community.

Tamzyn is a second year Bachelor of Event Management student who grew up in Harrington Park. She attended Magdalene Catholic College, where she was a House Captain, Peer Support Leader, Student Mentor, and Dance Captain.

With both her parents employed as school principals, education was a priority in her family, but her brother – one of the Top 50 Bartenders in Australia – inspired her to study further in the hospitality and events industry.

Tamzyn fell in love with the ICMS atmosphere and gorgeous campus during Open Day and decided to move to the campus for convenience and the ICMS experience.

“ICMS is so different from anything I had ever experienced before,” she said.

It was a big move, but moving on campus was the best decision for Tamzyn as she enjoys having the beach nearby and has already made lifelong friendships with fellow students.

With a passion for event management, Tamzyn has volunteered to gain experience in curating fashion runways, concerts and weddings. She aims to work with global brands to launch their products and loves the idea of having a career in a dynamic industry that is different every day.

Recent SRC Events

  • O-Week Party
  • IceBreaker Party
  • End of Trimester Boat Party
  • Aussie Culture Night
  • Party Bus
  • Cancer Care Foundation Fundraiser
  • Night Life Tour
  • Floor Games Night
  • Shelly Beach Clean Up
  • State of Origin Party
  • End-of-Year Hollywood Ball
  • Themed parties (Rodeo, Neon, Hawaiian, Red Flags, Festival, 90s, Disco, Mardi Gras, Rhyme without Reason, Halloween, 2000s, St Patrick’s Day, etc)
  • Christmas present donation for the Bear Cottage Children
  • Sunset Art Night
  • Beach BBQ
  • Bonfire & Movie Night
  • Escape Room
  • Bake Sale
  • Trivia nights
  • Karaoke Night
  • Slip and Slide


  • Basketball 
  • Netball 
  • Tennis 
  • Surfing 
  • Futsal 
  • OzTag 
  • Zumba
  • Tennis 
  • Football 
  • Dance 

The Goals for the President and the SRC

As the current SRC President, Tamzyn has set ambitious goals for her term as she leads the members of the SRC.

She is looking forward to fostering a greater connection between the Northern Beaches campus in Manly and the City campus in Sydney, by bringing City campus students into the SRC. She also wants to include International Student Representatives (ISRs), embracing different cultures and backgrounds.

As an accomplished dancer, Tamzyn is a big fan of music and wants to showcase students’ talents by introducing more live music on campus.

To make sports at ICMS even more inclusive and accessible, she and her team aim to organise social sports tournaments, floor competition nights and social activities.

Tamzyn aims to assist in the championing of Aboriginal culture and history by nominating an Aboriginal student rep. She also wants to make learning about international students’ cultures engaging and active with food tasting, language and dance to showcase how truly international ICMS is.

Leading with Vision

“My number one priority is improving all student life on campus. You want to come to campus, feel welcomed, feel like your needs and interests are met, and feel like the students that are representing you are delivering those services,” she said.

Excited about leading the SRC and committed to serving the ICMS community with dedication and passion, Tamzyn is looking ahead to leading with vision and purpose, representing an organisation that ensures that every student’s voice is heard and understood.

SRC Members & Roles

  • President – Tamzyn Harris
  • Vice President – Alexandra Cook
  • Secretary – Florian Amting
  • Treasurer – Alexandra Cook
  • Head of Events – Ana Mihaescu
  • Head of Sports – Taylor Mcleod
  • Head of Marketing – Isabella Norman
  • Head of Clubs and Associations – Kyra Kensey
  • Head of Community Engagement – Ethan Frandsen
  • Head of Online Engagement – Katherine Chalhoub
  • Head of City Engagement – Eva Wu
  • Head of First Nations Involvement – Clayton King-Morris
  • International Student Representative (ISR) – Jiang Bing

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