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Tuition fees

Studying a degree is a big commitment in many ways, not least financially. You will need to consider tuition fees, living costs and other expenses such as transport, textbooks, food and accommodation.

The main expense will be tuition fees.

  • Tuition fees are payable on a trimester basis.
  • Tuition fees are NOT payable during Industry Training (unless part-time study has been arranged) and students may be paid during their internship. Students must complete all prerequisite subjects before starting your industry training.

Use our Fee Calculator to find the fees that apply to you.


What to Pay (Tuition Fees)

Tuition fee payments

New students
The Letter of Offer advises students of the fees payable. Accompanying the Letter of Offer/Acceptance is an enrolment package, outlining all the relevant information for new students. Students must read the enrolment package and complete and return all documents, within the specified timeframe, to the institution.

Continuing students
Tuition fee pro forma invoices for the following term are emailed to current students on Friday of Week 8 in each term. The pro forma invoice will stipulate the course fees and the payment due date, which is two weeks prior to the term commencement. Fees must be received by the close of business on this date (refer to Failure to Pay below).


  • Student tuition fees for courses at ICMS are listed here.
  • Student tuition fees for courses at Aspire Institute are listed here.
  • Student tuition fees for courses at ISCA are listed here.

FEE-HELP from Aus Govt (Domestic Students)

High Academic Places (Domestic Students)

Centrelink Support (Domestic Students)



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Failure to Pay

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