Frequently Asked Admission Questions

Congratulations, on joining ICMS!

Now what?

When you receive a written offer from ICMS you can either:

  • Accept your offer (as per instruction in offer letter, or from UAC if application was made through UAC);


Frequently asked admissions questions

Where can I find COVID-19 information?

ICMS is monitoring the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) respiratory illness outbreak on a daily basis.

Please read page this ICMS Covid-19 information webpage carefully and take appropriate action as advised.

What if I want to study more than one degree course?

What if I need to withdraw from my course before I have started?

What if I need to withdraw from my course after I've started?

What if my offer is cancelled?

Can my enrolment be cancelled?

If I start in a mid-term intake, can I complete my course within the expected duration of my COE (student visa holders)?

How do I defer?

Once I'm enrolled, do I have any obligations?

What if I can't complete my course within time?

Do I have to maintain a full-time study load?

How is a 'full-time study load' calculated?

What if I don't do a full-time study load?

What is a Typical Study Load versus an Accelerated Study Load?

Can I have a reduced study load?

What do I need to do if I am a sponsored student?

What if I want to take a break (leave of absence) after I've started my course?

Can I transfer to another ICMS course?

Are my study abroad or student exchange studies equivalent to study at ICMS?

Can I transfer from ICMS to another institution?

Can I transfer from another Australian institution to ICMS?

Can I still graduate if I do all my subjects online?

If I leave, can I resume my studies whenever I want?

What if I have a problem? Can I complain?

Are there any special arrangements for under 18 years olds?