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ICMS offers an exciting location for students who wish to undertake a study abroad program. Study in one of Sydney’s most beautiful locations overlooking world-famous Manly Beach and Sydney harbour. ICMS’s comprehensive academic and social programs ensure that you experience the Australian lifestyle while learning at an internationally recognised institution.

  • Undergraduates may choose between 1 trimester (14 weeks) or 2 trimesters (28 weeks). Postgraduates can do 1 semester (18 weeks).
  • Enrol in up to 4 subjects per study period (approximately 10 hours per subject per week, including in class and independent study time)
  • Live and study at a beautiful beach side campus in Sydney
  • Spend your term breaks exploring Sydney or travelling Australia
  • Take advantage of your visa working entitlement (up to 40 hours per fortnight)

Undergraduate Study Areas

Pick from a range of exciting, contemporary subjects that will complement your career ambitions and your interests! Some examples include:

  • Pathway to Success
  • Blogging Your Way to Fame
  • Entrepreneurship Foundations and Mindset
  • Guerilla Marketing ​
  • Event Planning  ​
  • Gastronomy   ​
  • Integrated Marketing Communications​
  • Sports Marketing​
  • Trends and Issues in the Visitor Economy​
  • Tour Design and Development
  • Management Solutions for a Changing World

…and many more!

Postgraduate Study Areas

Pick from subjects that will boost your career and enhance your management skills – and your employability, such as:

  • Managing in the Global Context
  • Contemporary Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Contemporary Management Capabilities
  • International Trade and Logistics
  • Contemporary Management Capabilities
  • Hospitality Management Simulations
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Visitor Behaviour and Management

and many more!

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