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Study Abroad

The ICMS study abroad program – also called a semester abroadoffers an exciting location for students who wish to stay and study in Australia’s most beautiful beachside campus. Study in a sandstone ‘castle’ overlooking world-famous Manly Beach and Sydney harbour.

ICMS’s comprehensive academic and social programs ensure that you experience the Australian lifestyle while learning at an internationally recognised institution.

  • Stay for up to 52 weeks
  • If you pick the Study Abroad 1* this program includes Work Integrated Learning. This means you will get to live and work in Sydney – and our team will organise it all for you! You’ll get international work experience and exposure to multinational and cross-cultural real-world work environments.
  • Live and study at the “Castle on the Hill” – our beautiful beach side campus in Sydney
  • Spend your term breaks exploring Sydney or travelling Australia
  • Take advantage of visa working entitlements and earn while you learn

Study Abroad Packages

* Study Abroad 1 includes Work Integrated Learning Subject/s (work experience internship)

What you could study