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Study Abroad in Australia

Study Abroad in Australia

The ICMS study abroad program offers an exciting location for students who wish to stay and study in Australia’s most beautiful beachside campus. Study in a sandstone ‘castle’ overlooking world-famous Manly Beach and Sydney harbour. ICMS’s comprehensive academic and social programs ensure that you experience the Australian lifestyle while learning at an internationally recognised institution.

  • Undergraduates may choose between 1 trimester (14 weeks) or 2 trimesters (32 weeks, excluding holidays). Postgraduates can do 1 trimester (14 weeks).
  • Enrol in up to 4 subjects per trimester (approximately 10 hours per subject per week, including in class and independent study time)
  • Live and study at a beautiful beach side campus in Sydney
  • Spend your term breaks exploring Sydney or travelling Australia
  • Take advantage of your visa working entitlement (up to 40 hours per fortnight)

Undergraduate Study Areas

Pick from a range of exciting, contemporary subjects that will complement your career ambitions and your interests! Some examples include:

  • Pathway to Success
  • Blogging Your Way to Fame
  • Entrepreneurship Foundations and Mindset
  • Guerilla Marketing ​
  • Event Planning  ​
  • Gastronomy   ​
  • Integrated Marketing Communications​
  • Sports Marketing​
  • Trends and Issues in the Visitor Economy​
  • Tour Design and Development
  • Management Solutions for a Changing World

…and many more!

Postgraduate Study Areas

Pick from subjects that will boost your career and enhance your management skills – and your employability, such as:

  • Managing in the Global Context
  • Contemporary Marketing
  • International Finance
  • Contemporary Management Capabilities
  • International Trade and Logistics
  • Contemporary Management Capabilities
  • Hospitality Management Simulations
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Visitor Behaviour and Management

and many more!