ICMS is proud if its diverse student body. We provide an accessible and inclusive learning environment that promotes fairness, equity, respect for social and cultural diversity, and that is free from discrimination and harassment.

We aim to ensure that all students are treated with equity and are able to realise their full potential and participate in all aspects of student life. We want the teaching and learning environment, as well as the social and cultural environment, to permit and support the participation of all our students.

Cultural awareness

ICMS supports an environment that appreciates and facilitates cultural awareness. It encourages sensitivity to the similarities and differences that exist between people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. In addition, the institution acknowledges and respects the traditional custodians of the land upon which its campuses are located.


ICMS values diverse skills, experiences and perspectives of people as a result of their gender, ethnicity, language, background, age, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and/or family responsibility. We strive to demonstrate this by providing equal development and support opportunities to all staff and students and committing to admissions processes that are transparent, free from bias and consistent.


ICMS acknowledges that historic and ongoing disadvantage has created barriers to access and progression and is therefore committed to increasing access to higher education to students who are at risk of disadvantage or under-representation. Equity scholarships are available, upon application, to students who have experienced economic, social or geographical disadvantage. An Indigenous scholarship is available, upon application, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia.

Global outlook

Informed by our Learning and Teaching Principles, ICMS encourages learning that is ‘global’, with courses exploring international perspectives including understanding and celebrating the similarities and differences that exist between people from all over the globe.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy