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Gap Year Programs

Australian borders reopen

Gap Year Programs give students the ultimate study-travel experience!  Sydney Australia is one of the most popular destination for international students.

You can visit new places, meet new people and experience new adventures while you improve your English or gain a qualification such as a Diploma. If you are already studying, then why not top up your international experience with an academic qualification?

An ICMS Gap Year Program gives you the benefits of living in one of the most spectacular cities in the world, without having to delay your studies.

Why Australia is a great destination to take a Gap Year Program

  • Australian’s speak English; and English is the universal business language.
  • International students who study in Australia are permitted to work while they study.
  • Wages in Australia are generally higher and unemployment levels are generally lower than those in many other countries.
  • Australia is a great place to study as there are many avenues of support for international students.
  • Studying in Australia means meeting global standards of education quality.
  • Australian is a multicultural, tolerant and diverse country and Australian are proud of their friendly and welcoming global reputation.
  • There’s something Australians are known around the world for – that’s their amazing lifestyle.
  • Planning a gap year takes a lot of paperwork and effort and can often turn out to be a lonely experience. But at ICMS you can live with your classmates in a ‘castle’ overlooking “Australia’s Best Beach” (TripAdvisor) and enjoy all the fun of a gap year – without all the hassle.

ICMS Gap Year Programs are ideal for high school graduates seeking a transformative intellectual adventure before they go to College or pursue a future career path.

Australian Students can enjoy a Gap Year Program too

Australian students love to travel too. That’s why some summer-loving domestic students chose to start their studies in trimester one (February intake) and take trimester two off to go to Europe in the European summer. This gives them the opportunity to travel five months of the year.

What Gap Year Programs are Offered?


Improve your english

Enhance your English language communication skills and improve your chances of global business success with an English Course.


Foundation for successful study

The Australian Foundation Program will help you to meet the academic entry standards of ICMS and develop the study, language and cultural skills needed to succeed in degree study in Australia.


Study abroad in spectacular Sydney

With great weather, beautiful beaches and friendly locals – a term abroad at ICMS would be hard to beat anywhere in the world. You could escape the northern hemisphere winter and enjoy the ultimate student experience in the iconic ICMS ‘castle on the hill’ overlooking Australia’s best beach (TripAdvisor 2018 & 2019).


Gap year diploma

If you have finished high school and prefer to travel before deciding what – or even if – to study at university a ‘gap year’ diploma gives you the chance to complete a qualification in only 26 weeks of study – leaving the rest of the year to explore one of the most fun and fascinating countries in the world, Australia.

Diploma areas of study include: Business, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Hospitality, International Tourism, Sports, Events, Marketing or Property.

Five students seated in ICMS library. Smiling at one another during a group discussion.

Complete your bachelor degree at ICMS (Top up)

If you have completed at least two years at a recognised university or an equivalent educational training overseas, you could choose to experience a year in beautiful Sydney and complete (or ‘top up’) your qualification to a full Bachelor degree at ICMS.

Bachelor areas of study include: Hospitality, International Tourism, Sports, Events, Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Property, Fashion and Global Brand Management

Search to see if an agreement exists with your institution. Referred to as ‘recognition of prior learning (RPL)’, ‘credit transfers’, or ‘advanced standing’, applicants who can demonstrate successful completion of equivalent subjects at a recognised institution may be eligible for credit towards study at ICMS. (Note: exemptions are only granted for subjects studied at diploma or undergraduate level.)


If you would like to learn more about any of these programs please email [email protected]