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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

ICMS  is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace place of study and work for all students and staff, including freedom from sexual assault and sexual harassment (SASH). Of course, students and staff must take reasonable care of themselves and others; we also ask that you cooperate with actions taken to protect health and safety; seek information or advice from a staff member before performing new or unfamiliar tasks; report all health and safety accidents, incidents and hazards as soon as is practicable; and follow emergency evacuation procedures.

Emergency Numbers


  • In an emergency, call 000 for fire, police or ambulance services.
  • To contact Manly Police, call 02 9976 8099
  • To contact Northern Beaches Hospital, call 02 9105 5000
  • For free and confidential crisis support, call Lifeline 131 114


  • Emergencies dial the Campus Manager on Duty; this number will be given to you upon arrival and found in the ICMS App.
  • Report all issues immediately to the Chief Operations Officer and the Wellness Team. Contact us via this form.

First Aid 

  • Dial 000 if it’s a medical emergency
  • Contact the Manager on Duty dialling the number in the ICMS App relevant to your campus. All Managers on Duty are trained in first aid.

Hazard, Accident/Incident Reporting

  • If you are involved in an accident, or if you identify a hazard at ICMS, then you should report to the Manager on Duty at your earliest convenience.
  • If the accident is serious, report it to the Campus Manager on Duty.
  • Read the Critical Incident Policy and Critical Incident Management Procedures for more information.

Safe work practices

Always follow safe work practices as provided by your lecturer, demonstrator or other supervising staff. This includes wearing any protective equipment required. Ask for help if you are unsure about how to use a piece of equipment or undertake a task, particularly before carrying out new or unfamiliar work.

Fire evacuation procedure

All Students will be instructed where the evacuation points and procedures for this during their Orientation.

  • Moran and Kelly House Primary Assembly Area is on the Front Lawn away from the building.
  • ICMS Head Office Primary Assembly Area is past the rear car park.
  • ICMS City Campus Primary Evacuation Point is the Belmore Park across the road.


  • Alert signal: “BEEP BEEP”.
  • Evacuation signal: “WHOOP WHOOP”.

If you hear the evacuation signal, check for any signs of immediate danger and, if appropriate to do so, calmly make your way to evacuation areas as previously mentioned. Exit signs are placed around the campus for your convenience.

Note: Do not use lifts in case of an emergency

Suspicious Behaviour/Intruders

Due to the location of the campus and the history around it, ICMS Manly will get a number of visitors. If you feel uncomfortable, please call Manager on Duty. If you are at other Campuses and notice someone not connected to the College, please contact the Manager on Duty.  It is best not to approach someone who you don’t know but ensure that you and other students remain safe.


Across all ICMS campuses, we have installed CCTV cameras in key locations throughout ensuring all entries and exits to the building are monitored by the Managers on Duty. The vision is recorded and can be reviewed should the need arise.

Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment (SASH)

Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment (SASH) is not acceptable behaviour within the wider community and not at ICMS.

ICMS is committed to ensuring that there are clearly defined standards of behaviour and conduct for all enrolled students. By adhering to this Student Code of Conduct, students will ensure that both they and their peers will be afforded a safe and productive environment in which to study.

Unwanted sexual attention, including harassment, can prevent students from taking part in activities and involvement during their time at ICMS.

Please watch the video below to understand consent.

If an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment occurs to any student or member of staff, you can access support below (even if the incident does not occur on campus) or via our Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment page.

  • NSW Sexual Violence Helpline – 1800 424 017 For anyone in NSW impacted by sexual assault (including friends, families and supporters). Available 24/7.
  • Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence Helpline – 1800 943 539 For anyone in Australia whose life has been impacted by domestic or family violence. Available 24/7.
  • Sexual, Domestic and Family LGBTIQ+ Violence Helpline – 1800 497 212 For anyone from the LGBTIQ+ community whose life has been impacted by sexual domestic and/or family violence. Available 24/7.

Learn more: Sexual Assult and Sexual Harrassment Policy |  Diversity and Equity Policy