International Students FAQ

Welcome to your orientation 2022 May intake students!

If you are late to enrol or missed the orientation briefing do not worry. All course briefings were recorded and to catch up simply get in contact with your program manager via ICMS Assist. 

We are delighted to be welcoming you from all around the world to commence your studies in a hybrid learning environment. Let’s kick off your ICMS experience with orientation, a mix of hybrid face-to-face and Zoom sessions from  Wednesday 18th May to Friday the 20th of May.

Important Dates: 

  • 18 May 2022: O-week
  • 23 May 2022: Start classes
  • 19 August 2022: Trimester ends

Orientation schedule 

To view further details of the orientation visit the events page

Common Questions and Enquiries

How do I activate my ICMS account?

You have been set up with an ICMS system username and an email address for all official correspondence.

  • Username:  <<Use Username>>
  • Student Email: <<Use Campus Email>>
  • Student Number:  <<Use Student No. TXT Fmt>>

For continuing students, you account details should remain the same and you do not need to activate your account.  Your old password will remain valid.

New Students – Activate Your Account
The first step to getting online at ICMS is to activate your account. Your initial password is the first four characters of your email address followed by your date of birth in the form DDMMYYYY

For Example

  • If your email address is [email protected] and your date of birth is 14th March 2001
  • Your initial password will be astu14032001

To activate your account, log in to login.microsoft.com and create a new password, or click the Activate link below. Please use your student EMAIL ADDRESS to login.

Following login, you still be pormpted to change your password.  Please choose something unique and memorable. A phrase is better than a word, for example LookSharpStudyHard2021!, pick something that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess.

I can't login I am getting errors...

I’ve logged in now – Why can’t I see my timetable?

Can I change my timetable?

Upcoming 2022 Key Dates

Depending on your place of origin, you may have various questions. If you are a domestic student, your concerns will be different from international students. This is why we have divided this section into two: One for domestic students and one for international students.

Contact Details:

Australian & New Zealand Citizens, Aus Permanent Residents email: [email protected]

International Students email: [email protected]