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February 2021 Orientation

Your first week at ICMS begins with Orientation Week (O-Week). During this week, you will be introduced to the ICMS community and also to life in Manly. You will learn about the academic side of things, have fun and meet new people who will be sharing your ICMS experience with you.

Whilst you Academic Orientation is online, we are able to begin to return to a sense of normality with one of the mainstay orientation activities on campus.


The Schedule

You will be able to register for your O-Week activities soon, but check out the ICMS February 2021 schedule in the mean time!


 * All events during February Orientation Week 2021, will be subject to COVID-19 restrictions. The College will make calls on the events in the interest of all staff and students.

O-Week Overview



Closer to your start date, you will receive a series of welcome emails from which will explain everything you need to know about studying at ICMS and what’s on during O-Week.

Contact us for for more information: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]