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Welcome new students to the ICMS Orientation page.

Orientation is the opportunity to make friends, explore ICMS and get your first insight into what #icmscastlelife is all about.

Upcoming Orientation:

The next Orientation will take place prior to the August 2023 intake. Classes for this intake start on 04 September so Orientation will take place prior to that date.

To receive orientation communications, please check your email. If you have not received them, please contact your country manager or agent to chase up the status of your enrolment. If you have no luck there then contact our admissions department on [email protected].

Onboarding checklist:

Before you start at ICMS, Aspire Institute or ISCA, you should have completed the following onboarding activities:
1) Checked the Orientation Schedule on this page?

2) Received your username and password by email and logged in and activated your ICMS Account?


3) Downloaded the MyICMS App?

4) Completed your Moodle Orientation Course?

Go to Course

5) Completed your Student Declaration?

6) Requested your Student Card?

7) Got your Unique Student Identifier?

This is an Australian Government lifelong education number and is a requirement for all domestic students, and international students who are already in the country.

Get a USI 

Once you have created your USI, submit it to ICMS using this link

HELP! I haven’t got my login details yet.

First, check your emails. If you have not received your login information and cannot complete any of the above activities, please submit a Support Ticket here.

Disclaimer: If you are late to enrol or miss the orientation briefing do not worry. All course briefings will be recorded and to catch up simply get in contact with your program manager.


Common Questions and Enquiries

I didn't get my login details yet?

Don’t worry. If you are receiving welcome emails such as the Welcome Cocktail Reception RSVP link then you are definitely expected this term.

The ICMS team is preparing your login and timetable.

You will receive your login details before O-Week!

How do I activate my ICMS account?

I can't login I am getting errors...

I’ve logged in now – Why can’t I see my timetable?

Can I change my timetable?

Further Queries


Depending on your place of origin, you may have various questions. If you are a domestic student, your concerns will be different from international students. This is why we have divided this section into two: One for domestic students and one for international students.

Contact Details:

Australian & New Zealand Citizens, Aus Permanent Residents email: [email protected]

International Students email: [email protected]

Student Services: Click here