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Starting At ICMS

Here’s everything you need to know about starting as a student at ICMS. If your question isn’t here, please have a look at our Student Services pages.

What ATAR do I need for entry?

ICMS does not use selection ranks (ATAR) for admissions. Applicants are assessed on performance in individual HSC (or equivalent) subjects and may be contacted by ICMS to attend an interview.

If you have applied for a High Academic Place (HAP) through UAC we will look at your ATAR in conjunction with your application interview. The ATAR requirements for a HAP at ICMS is not yet determined as this is the first intake for these places and the cut-off will depend on the number of applicants, the quality of those applicants and the number of HAP positions that we are able to give out.

Admission Requirements for Domestic Students

What is FEE-help?

How do I apply for Accomodation?

What time is check-in and check-out?

What happens if I arrive early?

Can you use FEE-help to pay for accomodation?

How do I know if my accommodation has been confirmed?

Do you have to live on campus?

Accommodation inclusions?

Is internet included in the accommodation package?

Is there after hours assistance?

Are ICMS residences secure?

Do you offer advanced standing at ICMS (credit for previous study)?

Where can I buy groceries locally?

How far away is the beach?

Is there public transport nearby?

Are there shops or restaurants nearby?

Is there car parking avaliable?

Are there shopping facilities?

How do I apply for FEE-help?

Do you offer postgraduate degrees?

How many intakes do you have per year?

Do ICMS courses offer practical components?

What are the typical class sizes?

What is the ratio of domestic students to international students?

Can I combine degrees?

How long are ICMS courses?

Can I live on campus during my industry training placement?

How do I apply?/when do I need to apply by?

Are student loans available?