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IT/Computer support

Studying Online

When you’re a newly enrolled student at ICMS you receive:

  • Student ID
  • Username
  • Temporary password
  • Student email address

You’ll use these login details to:

  • Login to Moodle to start your Orientation course before you start classes
  • Login to Avantis to check your timetable
  • Login to the Student Hub
  • Login to Office 365

Free Wifi

All ICMS students are given free unlimited Wi-Fi access across all ICMS campuses.


If you are not sure on what to do, or simply want to talk to us, contact us using this form

Computer availability

ICMS does not have a “Bring Your own Device” (BYOD) Policy, instead focusing on providing free WiFi, networked computer support and banks of laptops which can be borrowed via student services where appropriate.


Students receive a credit of $50 for printing at the start of each study period. Once this is exhausted students can purchase additional print credit at reception or online.

Internet access relating to sexually explicit material, violent images or graphics, racist material and Internet activity relating to “Computer Hacking”, illegal downloading and illegal access into other company’s sites is strictly prohibited.