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Bring Your Own Device

Bring your own device or BYOD allows you to use your personal laptop or device to access a broad range of course related applications to learn in the classroom, from home or any other location with an internet connection.

Device recommendations and minimum specifications for BYOD

Devices must have sufficient charge to last the day and students are encouraged to have a personal charger with them while on campus. We do not provide chargers for devices that cannot hold a charge for a full day or arrive on campus uncharged.

Minimum device specifications

Buying a device

For new purchases, consider the size and weight of a device before purchasing a new laptop. We recommend purchasing equipment from authorised resellers, reputable online stores or retail outlets. Extended warranties and insurance should also be a consideration for devices that will be used regularly and are mobile. Information on insurance for devices can be obtained from the ASIC Moneysmart website.

Course specific technology requirements

Students enrolled in courses that require specialised technology are provided with access to computers on campus.

Antivirus software

Before connecting your own device to our network, ensure you have the latest operating system, antivirus, internet browsers and updates installed on your device.

Internet connection

When on campus, set up and connect your device to WiFi to access the wireless network. To use your device away from campus you will need to choose an internet provider to access the internet and connect to applications from home. As the device owner, you are responsible for personal internet set-up costs and ongoing charges.

Accessibility needs

Based on your personal circumstances, we may provide access to a personal device for on-campus use or computers in a computer lab. Please contact the IT team or your Program Manager for more information. Refer to the Technologies in Learning and Teaching Policy for more information.

Refer to the Technologies in Learning and Teaching Policy for more information.