Graduation April 2021

Dear Graduands,

While still within the grip of COVID-19, education institutions continue to monitor and work within the health restrictions and guidelines put in place to limit transmission of the virus.

In that environment, our challenge is: how to give you, our graduands, the graduation celebration that you deserve in a COVID-safe way?

As a result, between 2/9/2021 and 10/9/2021 all our eligible graduands were given the opportunity to express their preference by voting between 2 options:

  • 1) having an online graduation in October this year


  • 2) joining a face-to-face graduation ceremony in 2022, restrictions permitting

The outcome of the survey was overwhelmingly weighted towards the latter option (2) and as a result…

ICMS is announcing the postponement of the Graduation event planned for Friday the 29th October 2021. 

We are listening. We understand how important a graduation celebration is to you. By postponing the event we aim to give you the celebrations you deserve in 2022!

At this stage we are planning for you to join the early April 2022 Graduation Ceremony where we are planning two or three days of celebrations!

Please find below further information on what this means to you:

Will this postponement affect the conferral of my degree? 

No, the postponement of the October 2021 graduation ceremony will not delay the conferral of your degree. Our conferral process will be completed as per normal, and as such you will be formally graduating in absentia with an official conferral date of 29/10/2021.

 Can I attend a later graduation ceremony? 

Yes, absolutely. Graduation is an important celebration of your achievements at ICMS and therefore we will automatically provide all graduates with an opportunity to participate our next graduation ceremony.

 When is ICMS next graduation ceremony? 

ICMS graduation ceremonies are held bi-annually in April and November. The next ceremony is scheduled on 8/4/2022, but of course we will be required to monitor the current pandemic situation to understand any restrictions that may be required.

 How do I register for a future graduation ceremony? 

Information about future ceremonies will be released on the Graduation Page of the ICMS website as early as possible.

Around March 2022 you will also receive a new invitation to graduation via your student and personal email. Please ensure your contact details are up to date.

 What completion documents will I receive? 

All graduates who have completed a course of study at ICMS, ISCA and Aspire will receive the following certification documentation:

  • a Testamur.
  • an Official Transcript (also known as record of results).
 What will happen to my graduation documentation? 

Your graduation documents (testamur and transcripts) will be held for presentation at a future graduation ceremony.

 Can I receive my graduation documentation earlier? 

Yes, if you wish to receive your testamur and transcripts earlier than April 2022, please fill in the following E-FORM by no later than Friday 29/10/2021. Please note that we will only be able to post your completion documentation AFTER your award has been conferred on 29/10/2021.

I have changed my name, how do I make sure that is reflected on my completion documents? 

Please note that your formal name will appear on your Testamur exactly the same as it appears on Avantis. If you are requesting to change your name on your completion documents, you must upload evidence to prove your new legal name. To change your name please fill in the following E-FORM. The last day to change your name is Friday 1/10/2021.

What will the April 2022 Graduation Ceremony look like? 

Due to the current uncertainty, it is hard to predict at this stage the type of events that will be able to run in 2022. However, from government directives it is clear that high vaccination rates play a crucial role in returning back to normal. Therefore, if you haven’t already received your COVID-19 vaccine, please do so. We’d love everyone to be able to celebrate with confidence in April 2022.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone in the ICMS community to look after themselves, and those around them, and hope that you stay up to date with all updates that we post on the Keep Healthy – COVID 19 page of the ICMS website.

Should you have any questions in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]



Upcoming Graduation Ceremony: April 2022 (October Ceremony Postponed)

What You Need To Do… 

To be able to graduate, students are required to go through some important, compulsory steps as explained below; please note that students will not be deemed eligible to graduate outside of this process:

Should you have any questions in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]