Graduation April 2021

Dear Graduands,

The ICMS, Aspire Institute and ISCA graduation is an important event in the academic calendar. It’s a time to celebrate and a milestone that recognises our student’s achievements. We are incredibly proud of everyone who will graduate this year! A graduation ceremony that recognises your wonderful achievements is a key part of your journey at ICMS. 

When will graduation take place? 

The most recent ceremonies were held on the 16th April and the next upcoming ICMS Graduation will be on Thursday 4th November – save the date!

View and download PHOTOS of the April 2021 ceremonies here:

Watch the LIVESTREAM of the April 2021 ceremonies here:

Graduation November 2021

What You Need To Do… 

To be able to graduate, students are required to go through some important, compulsory steps as explained below; please note that students will not be deemed eligible to graduate outside of this process:

Should you have any questions in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]