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Exchange Programs

If you love travel, ICMS offers you some amazing opportunities to gain an international study experience while studying your degree! Through our exchange program you can study at one of our partner universities in the USA. It’s a great way to get some international experience on your resume, make new friends, enhance your personal development, and learn about another culture.

You can choose from a wide range of courses offered from the institutions below. Regardless of what you are studying, there is an exchange program to suit you. As exchange is part of your degree, it does not add time onto your program. You remain enrolled full time at ICMS and at the end of your exchange, your studies overseas may be credited towards your degree. If you are on exchange you won’t be required to pay tuition fees at the partner university, making exchange both time and cost effective.

Exchange programs

Where can you go on exchange?

San francisco state university (SFSU)

San Francisco has been consistently acclaimed as one of the top ten visitor destinations in the world. Its growing hospitality industry is the city’s largest employer. At the heart of this dynamic setting is the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, within the School of Business at San Francisco State University.

San Francisco State University (SFSU) is located near the Pacific Ocean in the calm south-western quadrant of San Francisco. SFSU was founded in 1899 and is a public University with over 30,000 students. SFSU has over 2,000 international students from 96 different countries.

ICMS students who are eligible, can take a semester of study at SFSU in the USA springtime. SFSU offers students the chance to take 4 classes in Hospitality or Business and have them transfer back to your degree at ICMS.

Johnson & wales university (JWU)

Johnson & Wales University (JWU) was founded in 1914 in Providence, Rhode Island. JWU has over 17,000 students spread across 4 campuses. The largest campus is in Providence which is located just a 45 minute drive from Boston and a 3 hour drive to New York City. Other campus locations include North Miami, Denver and Charlotte.

JWU offers the largest Hospitality program in the USA, however they also specialise in Retail Marketing, International Business, Culinary Arts, Sports Entertainment and Event Management.

Students across all majors at ICMS, if eligible, are able to study a semester at JWU and have 4 classes credit towards your ICMS degree. You can go in either the USA Spring or Autumn each year.


It is important to plan your finances. As a general rule, you should be able to show that you will have at least AUD$2,200 available to you for every month of the exchange. You will need to cover your living expenses, including accommodation, travel and food. Living costs vary according to your destination. Visit the international students sections of the partner institution websites to find out more about the cost of living, specific to each city.


Tuition fees and enrolment – As an exchange student you do not pay tuition fees to your host university. Instead, you continue to pay tuition to ICMS. A student exchange program constitutes a full-time workload for both full-time and part-time students. During your exchange, you will be enrolled in four subjects at the host university and will pay the normal tuition fee for four subjects to ICMS. The subjects you pass at the partner university may be credited back to your degree (to a maximum of 12 credit points equivalent to 4 subjects per trimester). The specific marks for each course are not transferred and you will receive no credit for any course that you fail. Your transcript simply shows exempt for the courses transferred. You will receive a copy of the partner university’s transcript at the end of your exchange. Some destinations may require you to pay additional fees.

How to apply

  1. Choose your exchange university.
  2. Complete the exchange application form and submit to Student Services.
  3. Meet with the Academic Consulting Office and the Student Services Office to discuss your preferences.
  4. Prepare your study plan and ensure that you receive prior approval for your selected subjects.
  5. Complete your financial documentation. Your application needs to demonstrate that you have adequate financial resources during your time aboard. You should not rely on part-time work to finance your exchange. Refer to your the immigration recommendations of the countries you intend to visit or check the useful resources for incoming exchange students published by our partner institutions:
  6. Upload the following documentation to your exchange application:
    1. 1 Your academic statement
    2. 2 Copy of front page of your passport. Please ensure validity to meet the entry requirements of the countries your intend to visit.
    3. 3 Your response statement, addressing your motivation for exchange
  7. Submit your application – Submit your completed exchange application by the deadline


Who is eligible to go on exchange?

Exchange is open to both Australian and international students enrolled in an ICMS degree. You must have completed at least two trimesters of study and no more than four trimesters of study not including industry training. As you pass the mid-point of your course exchange becomes more difficult and ICMS cannot guarantee the availability of suitable subjects at the partner university. You are strongly encouraged to apply for exchange early in your degree studies at ICMS.

For an exchange program with San Francisco State University (SFSU), Johnson & Wales University (JWU) the grade point average (GPA) requirement is 3.0/5.0.

How many subjects can I do as part of my exchange program?

How will the subjects taken overseas be credited to my ICMS degree?

How often can I go on exchange or study abroad?

Is the exchange program available to postgraduate students?

When should I apply to go on exchange?

Who should I contact for more information?