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Australian Foundation Program

Australian Foundation Program

The Australian Foundation Program is your stepping stone to higher education.

At ICMS we recognise that sometimes it might be necessary to start your tertiary studies with a pathway program. For example, if you didn’t complete your High School Certificate (or equivalent).

You could start with the Australian Foundation Program, offered through the Aspire Institute.

Successful completion enables students to enter the first year of an ICMS Bachelor degree.

Quick facts

Who is it for?

The Foundation Program is designed for students who would like entry into an Aspire undergraduate Diploma program or an ICMS Bachelor degree, but have not completed high school year 12 or equivalent.

It is also suitable for students who would like an introductory program before tackling a full diploma.

Entry requirements

To be eligible for the Foundation Program students need to have successfully completed Year 11 Australian standard education (or an equivalent), be at least 17 years of age at the time of starting the program  and meet English proficiency requirements.