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Our network is your network

Over the past five years, ICMS has worked with over 1000 industry partners, a milestone that places us at the forefront of career-focused higher education in Australia.

Industry partners, both in Australia and abroad, offer ICMS students the opportunity to complete the work integrated learning component built into each degree. The ICMS professional placement entails working in industry for a period of time. This is an opportunity for students to prepare for their future professional career by gaining relevant experience in their chosen industry, learning skills required and gaining valuable contacts and networks.

For many students, these internships translate into employment post-graduation, with almost  90% of ICMS students employed in their field before they graduate* and 38% of graduates working where they undertook their professional placement**. There are over 1000 industry partners on the ICMS database, and in each period of professional placement, ICMS works with over 200 industry partners.

Some of the ICMS industry partners below….

*Internal Graduate Survey 2018.
** Graduates who are engaged in or available for work (In the Labour force). Internal March Graduate Survey 2023. Please note that the employment statistics provided in this article are based on a survey of graduates who are in the labour force and have completed the survey. This excludes individuals who are not in the labour force, including those who are unable to work, as well as those who choose not to work.