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Wellness and Support

A general sense of wellbeing and good mental health is essential to a student’s learning and development, and critical to academic success.

ICMS is committed to the personal wellbeing of its students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We recognise that personal wellbeing is important for students to progress academically with a positive approach to their education and campus experience.

There is an extensive range of support networks in place at ICMS. There is also access to professional counselling, when required.

Student wellness

The ICMS Student Wellness Hub work within the Student Success Centre. If students are feeling overwhelmed at any time, or if a personal problem arises, that affects their academic studies, the Wellness Team is the first place to seek advice. The Team members cater for our college’s diverse range of cultures and ages.

Students have the opportunity to consult the Wellness Team regarding:

  • Advice and support in their academic studies
  • Referral Counselling
  • Referral to other health services e.g. doctors, clinic
  • Residential accommodation assistance, if required

Of course, privacy is paramount. To book an appointment with any of the SSC advisors, CLICK HERE

Learn more: ICMS Wellness Policy
Wellness Procedures

Spiritual support

Living Water is an inter-denominational Christian group at ICMS. Anyone is welcome to come along to weekly meetings to explore matters of faith, run by the college Chaplain. See the Residential Experience Team for details.

LGBTIQ+ support

ICMS is committed to ensuring that all students are supported to have a positive student experience whilst studying at the college, and feel supported within the ICMS community. Students are encouraged to contact the Student Wellness Team if they need assistance.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment support

Behaviour that is intimidating, abusive, disrespectful, or threatening, including instances of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape is NOT acceptable within our community or on our campuses.

If an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment occurs to any student or member of staff, you can access support (even if the incident does not occur on campus) as per the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment webpage.

Residential support

The ICMS Residential Experience Team is responsible for the overall welfare of on-campus students, including those residing at Claremount Beach House and Wanganella House. The team provides leadership and support on various day-to-day matters, including comfort, safety and security, and health and wellness.

Most importantly, the Residential Experience Team is committed to ensuring that residents feel right at home at ICMS. Each term the Resident Leaders (RLs) who live on campus organise a diverse range of events and activities to promote community building and help students adjust to college life.

RLs also provide an enjoyable and safe environment to all residents, while acting as student leaders and role models. RLs are trained to assist in the day-to-day management of residential floors and ensuring the security of the ICMS building and its contents.

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