How Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Works at ICMS

ICMS resource a dedicated office in support of Work Integrated Learning (WIL), and this office includes experienced and dedicated WIL (Placement) Facilitators.

There are two stages in our Industry Training (Work Integrated Learning) Program:

Preparation Program

The WIL Team deliver the Work Integrated Learning Student Preparation Program undertaken in the study period prior to your WIL subject and industry Placement. This Program includes workshops, mentoring and mock scenarios that prepare students for Industry Placement. Topics covered include resume preparation, interview skills and workplace behaviour. The Program will also include an individual mock interview with your WIL (Placement) Facilitator.

Following your mock interview, the WIL (Placement) Facilitators will facilitate interviews with our quality assured industry partners and generally advocate with industry to host eligible students on Industry Placement.

WIL On placement

On Placement

Industry Placement can take students to a major city or regional area in Australia. Previously, industry Placement has also taken many students to international destinations as well.   

Once you secure an industry Placement and begin, your Work Integrated Learning (Placement) Facilitator provides continued coaching throughout your industry Placement including on-going contact, evaluation and assessment support.   

Whilst on Placement you can be engaged by the host industry partner throughout two consecutive study periods * (including the term break), which means you could gain up to 9 months of professional Placement experience before you graduate. And because this is part of your degree, international students, like domestic students, may work full-time (up to 38 hours per week) during their Placement and during term breaks.

Postgraduate students will complete 600 hours of WIL in their penultimate / final two study periods.

work integrated learning at ICMS

Your assigned Work Integrated Learning (Placement) Facilitator is there to guide and mentor you through this process, from start to finish. The support is individual and personalised and aimed at facilitating the right industry Placement for each student’s skills, interests and professional goals.

If you have any questions about placements as part of ICMS Bachelor degrees (2 study periods*) or Masters degrees (600 hours), please contact student services [email protected]

* Please note that one study period is equivalent of one trimester of study (1 orientation week and 12 weeks of subject delivery and assessment).