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Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

Behaviour that is intimidating, abusive, disrespectful, or threatening, including instances of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape is NOT acceptable within our community or on our campuses. Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment (SASH) is not acceptable behaviour within the wider community and not at ICMS.

ICMS is committed to ensuring that there are clearly defined standards of behaviour and conduct for all enrolled students. By adhering to this Student Code of Conduct, students will ensure that both they and their peers will be afforded a safe and productive environment in which to study.

Unwanted sexual attention, including harassment, can prevent students from taking part in activities and involvement during their time at ICMS.

If an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment occurs to any student or member of staff, you can access support (even if the incident does not occur on campus) as per below.

Safety First

First, get to a safe place and seek support from:

  • Emergency Services – dial 000
  • Student Success Centre Manager (students) – call (02) 9466 1026 or 0468 958 554
  • People and Training Manager (staff) – call (02) 9466 1195
  • Manager on Duty – call 0429 994 590

Immediate Support

Understand Consent

Formal Complaint (internal)

Formal Report to Police (external)

Informal / Disclosure

Ongoing Support