Important Dates

Now Enrolling for February 2022

  • From 2021 ICMS offers seven (7) opportunities for enrolment throughout the year.
  • All Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses will share the same intakes dates.
  • The seven intakes are available on all campuses and are offered for all modes of study (online or on campus).
  • ‘Main’ intakes offer 4 subjects concurrently and begin in: February, May and August.
  • ‘Mid-trimester’ intakes and a ‘Summer’ intake may be offered, subject to demand. These intakes offer 2 subjects in the first study period and begin in March, July, October and December.
  • The ‘mid-trimester’ intakes are unlikely to include a full week of orientation.
  • Term breaks (holidays) are between ‘End of Term’ and ‘Start’ of the following study period.

*Application enrolment closing dates for some countries may vary up to 6 weeks before enrolment date due to time taken to process visas. Please enquire at [email protected].

*Dates may be subject to change

Other Important Dates: