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Graduate Capabilities

Qualifications for the Future

What are Graduate Capabilities?

Graduate capabilities are the skills and knowledge necessary to demonstrate confidence, competence and innovation in their specific profession and across disciplines.

These are the most sought-after employability capabilities that every ICMS student needs to have developed by the time they graduate. Graduate capabilities enhance employment opportunities and lead to success in the future career and life!

Why are Graduate Capabilities important?

Employers have strong and growing expectations that graduates will be work-ready, initiative-taking and capable of undertaking a variety of tasks in different environments. In turn, employees expect to have their skills and capabilities recognised and rewarded with ongoing opportunities for career progress and personal development. Individuals will need to be able to manage multiple career transitions, and to build their own career paths and business opportunities, through continuous learning and development.

Many professions are also refocusing their requirements for professional entry and ongoing accreditation on a broad range of aptitudes and capabilities; their perspective is broadening from the familiar focus to technical and occupational proficiency.

How does ICMS deliver Graduate Capabilities?

At ICMS we have reviewed the Australian Qualifications Framework general graduate capabilities and…

  • incorporated the graduate capabilities into our qualifications
  • designed assessments and instructional design to develop the capabilities
  • considered the ‘innovation-active’ nature of Australian business
  • designed our curricula so that graduate capabilities enhance the work and life success of our students

What are the ICMS 21st Century Graduate Capabilities?

Refer to Learning and Teaching for more information.