Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal academic advisory to the Board of Directors on academic matters, including advice on academic outcomes, policies and practices. Academic Board is responsible for effective academic oversight of the quality of teaching, learning and research activities at the College and ensures that institutional benchmarks for academic quality and outcomes, consistent with the College’s overall strategic directions, are set and monitored. 

The work of the Academic Board is supported by various committees including a Teaching and Learning Committee for advising on teaching and learning policy and practice and monitoring quality assurance processes for teaching and learning in order to ensure that day-to-day academic operations meet quality educational standards.

The Academic Board also convenes an Ethics Committee to oversee ethical conduct in the College’s applied research and teaching activities and a Board of Examiners to make recommendations to Academic Board on subject grades and progression and completion matters.

Academic Board Members

Position Category of membership
External Senior Academic Chair
External Senior Academic Chair
CEO Ex-Officio
DVC Academic Ex-Officio
Dean Academic Operations Ex-Officio
GM Marketing & Recruitment Ex-Officio
Registrar Ex-Officio
Head of Postgraduate Studies Ex-Officio
Head of Undergraduate Studies Ex-Officio
External Senior Academic Member
External Senior Academic Member
External Senior Academic Member
Quality Assurance Specialist Member